Sunday, December 21, 2008

We've Been Elfed!

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Edit: I don't know what happened to our elves. I'm sorry if you can't see them. I'll try to get The Boss in on the technical difficulties.


TCKK said...

Your elves are so cute!!!!! Isn't that program so much fun? We have our famioy elfed on my blog too. Too much fun!!

Aus said...

Very cool elves! Do ya'll by chance to the 'shelf elf'? It's a little late for this year - usually they show up around Thanksgiving and hang out on shelfs 'watching' the kids, and every night 'report back' to Santa on the day's observations. After reporting in they come back to the house - and end up on a different shelf somewhere. It's really a load of fun!

hugs - aus and co.

Jonni said...

Oh I love this! I did this last year and it was so much fun. You huys are one cute little elf family. Hope you have a Merry Christmas my friend.


Anonymous said...

Loved your elves - tummy hurts from laughing! The kids are beautiful - God Bless them!

Merry Christmas!


Promises Fulfilled said...

that was ADORABLE! I finally took the time to watch it! Now, I have to get to wrapping my presents! :)

btiajj said...

Very Cute!!!!! - wanted to watch it again, but it wouldn't play the next time. I'll try again. Caused us to elf ourselves as well!