Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Contest Alert!

I'm breaking from my little Christmas hiatus just long enough to tell you that there's a fun contest going on over at 5 Minutes For Moms. I've long been a big fan of the Volkswagen advertising campaigns - it seems that they outdo themselves with every new series of ads. I am probably dating myself, but this one below is my favorite of all time. The new series of ads, starring Brooke Shields, really cracks me up. They may even be running a close second to my fave. They seem to be getting funnier and more deadpan with each new vignette.

Enjoy the nostalgic look back. And then go check out the contest. But remember, don't enter. Momma could use the gas money!

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Wendy said...

Those are funny commercials. Brook Sheilds is so good in them. Do you watch Lipstick Jungle? I created my own baby from that babymaker, check it out, LOL

Happy New Years!

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