Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Got Words

Li'l Empress has recently experienced a mini-explosion of communication. You can imagine how this delights her communications-oriented Momma! Here's a sampling of some of the new words and signs she's using regularly:
  • "Car" - comes out "cahh" - my New England family would be so proud! Often followed by an attempt to say "Vroom Vroom!"
  • "Bear" - comes out in a tiny, sweet little voice, like she's softened it for the cuddliness of the bear she's holding.
  • "Cookie" - one of the gals in our church taught her this, and she's delighted that the treat for saying it is so sweet and crunchy. Just in time for Christmas cookies! Now we have to work on teaching her that "Cookies" aren't for breakfast. :)
  • "Hot" - we made up our own sign to help her stay away from the fireplace. She's transferred it to coffee and food from the microwave. She might just be a genius.
  • "Cold" - she tenses up and pretends to shiver when she takes a sip of cold juice or when we mention how cold it is outside.
  • "Ouch" - we also made up this one, to help her understand that the tree is poky. However, it's turned into a big, adorable game. She pokes the tree, yanks her hand back and yelps, "Owwww" in a really high-pitched girly voice. Cracks us up every single time. Can we say "backfire?!"
  • "Fooof Fooooof" - her attempts to say what a doggy says. She has this adorable little white and pink puppy in her bed that she kisses every morning (thanks Auntie Mona!) and now she says this when she's playing with him.
An added bonus to this language explosion? We all now know where our ears, nose, fingers, and belly buttons are, thanks to intensive tutorials with Li'l Empress. Poor child, I think she may have permanent mental scarring after asking to see Momma's belly button. I know I do, every time I have to find it.

Finally, today's newest development: she said Baby BlueEyes' real name!! He's been home all week with strep and I think his name on her sweet little lips was just the joy-juice he needed. (Well, that an the 2 or three doses of amox he's had so far!)

Here's a sweet video of the two of them playing "Follow the Leader" earlier this morning. Just before the video was taken, she was giggling so hard she almost fell over. I love how she anticipates his movements and does them before he does. He's such a fun big brother. Enjoy the sweet giggles.


Aus said...

Wow - miss a day or so and miss ton's! Love your home and Christmas stuff - but so far no one has had an Advent wreath out - is that my German showing???

Hope BBE is feeling better and you get a chance to get out and finish 'errands' - oh - tell the Boss that he did some great work - man after my own heart!

hugs -

aus and co.

Livin' Life said...

That is just too darn cute. You need to stop before we jump on a plane and head to China ourselves. I love it!!!

Rascal's humans said...

I don't know how you can get a thing done with that kind of cuteness running around daily! ;-)
Hope your little man is feeling better.

Kateri said...

Ummm....HELLO! Cookies are for breakfast!! Haven't you read my blog header?? I had a talk with your girl while I was there and we discussed that cookies for breakfast are quite practical and a great way to start your day.
Get with the program, MOM!!

Leslie said...

HI! What a sweet video! And wow on the words! That is wonderful! Hey, since you don't use real names on the blog, just wanted to mention that you might want to edit the video. I have felt a little weird lately about being vulnerable so I totally get that. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the whole gang home!!!

David and Sarah said...

Ah--big brothers and little sisters. I LOVE it! So sweet.

Melissa said...

oH mY wORD!

How cute are they??!! Loved the Christmas card....I looked at it with a lump in my throat and realized I was staring at a dream come true. Praise God!

Salzwedel Family said...

They are so cute together! It's very cool that she's already picking up the language - what a smart girl!

Carol said...

Oh that is so sweet, I think Emily's first word was cookie....we are

My Little Nest said...

Hey Aunt!Its Lil picasso!I am using my moms blog.I cant wait to meet Lil Empress!!!!She is just too cute!!!I hope to see you guys at Christ mas!!Also I cant believe I have a cousin from China!!How cool!!!
One hug for each family member!!
x x x x x x x

-Lil Picasso

Jonni said...

This is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen! Gosh, how cute is Lil Empress??? She is so stinkin' cute. Why can't you guys live closer? I want to squeeze those sweet cheeks! She is such a cutie-pie. It sounds like she is doing awesome with her words too.


Elissa said...

Wow, she is talking so well! There must be something in the water in China that makes our girls so brilliant :)

Ron Smith said...

Dear Whitney Gang,

We loved your Christmas card, and that video is just too cute. Clearly she thinks world of her brother. What a huge explosion in language. This is amazing. Hope all is well. Happy Holidays.


Vashti said...

oh my goodness your children are adorable! I just happened on your blog and its lovely. I am also an adoptive mummy.

Have a blessed New Year.