Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Super Saturday

Li'l Empress slept AWESOME, through the whole night, Friday night. She'd been waking quite frequently and fussing every night for a whole week. Sometimes the fussing would be enough to require an entire "replay" of our night-time routine, sometimes not. But sleeping with one ear on the monitor in anticipation that the rustling would become crying is exhausting and both The Boss and I were so thankful for a solid night's sleep.

Saturday, my side of the family trekked together to the local tree farm. We filled three cars to over-flowing with our many layers, blankets, extra coats, and a wagon for the little girls. The anticipation and excitement was infectious. I don't know about the other cars, but our van was full of Christmas music (badly but enthusiastically sung), pictures snapping, and giggles from the girlies in the back seat. Uncle Eddie was providing great entertainment making faces at them while he followed closely behind our family-mobile.

Li'l Empress had fun hunting for her first Christmas tree!
She loved the bumpy rides through the trails and sharing the wagon with Teagan.

Teagan with her Mommy and Daddy and their perfect tree.

The tree farm was PACKED with families. I even saw few doggies hitching rides in wagons and inside their human's jackets. We tromped around looking for the perfect three trees, each family finally scoring plump, fragrant Blue Spruces. As we waited in the long lines to have our trees shaken and bundled for the trip home, we sang along to the carols being piped throughout the farm. At least, some of us sang. The younger generation cringed while we grown-ups sang operatic versions of "O Holy Night" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Oh, what fun to embarrass our kids with some good, light-hearted frivolity!

Hitching a Ride, Part I

Hitching a Ride, Part II

We headed back to The Gang's house for hot cocoa, coffee, and hanging out. Li'l Empress somehow discovered the nifty noises she could make the top of my whistling tea kettle, and I could NOT believe how long it entertained her. I'm sure the extreme reactions she got from her cousin prolonged the fun. Enjoy the video below - her giggle is contagious!

Later in the day, The Boss rolled out the cookies while LadyBug and Li'l Empress watched and begged for scraps. Li'l Empress really enjoyed her first bite of our family's favorite cookie. In fact, when we cleaned her up and took her down from the counter, she was downright miffed.

The night ended early, after LadyBug took her first shower in four weeks and cheered while doing it. I cheered too: bending over the tub twice or three times a week, to wash my 9-year-old's hair while attempting to keep her cast dry was NO PICNIC for me either! Everyone headed off to bed full, warm, and looking forward to Sunday's special occasion and afternoon holiday fun. . .


Jessica said...

Looks like you all had a blast. We have a fake tree so I sometimes miss the tradition of going out and picking the perfect tree. I don't however miss the weather.

I do look at your blog just about everyday or every other. I just don't always have time to leave a comment do to a fussy baby. Sorry, will work on leaving more comments, I know how much I enjoy when people leave comments on my blog.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a silly game! And look, my couch! lol

That really made me laugh about her getting miffed...

Aus said...

What a great holiday starter!! And watching the lil empress there - oh - maybe a great future with some 'head banging rock and roll'? (Or did I just show my age?)

Loads of fun - we do our cookies and candy starting next week - with the exception of the springerle's - they are done and 'hardening' now!

hugs -

aus and family

Carol said...

sleeping thru the night! Wow!

Love that cute little laugh!

Beverly said...

oh my her giggles are just precious. love the vid.