Friday, December 5, 2008

The Twisty Turny Tale, Part 2

**This is part 2 in the telling of a series of events that the Lord has recently allowed us to experience, in the journey of the adoption of our Li'l Empress. If you haven't yet read part 1, I encourage you to head back to yesterday's post first. It really does need to be told. For Li'l Empress's benefit as she grows. For my benefit, to remind me of the faithfulness and love of My Father. For your benefit, to read and see that the Lord is good. He cares about you. He is in the details of your life. He wants to weave a tale for you.

Here's where we left off:

My little girl has had far too many
major "good-byes"
in her little life already.

The really exciting thing to me about this statement is that the Lord allowed it to be the primary reaction to this unfolding story for a reason. You see, I found all this out just at the time when I was feeling weary. Tired from the nights of rocking her heavy little body to sleep in my arms, standing droopily by her crib. Tired from not having my regular date nights out with The Boss. Weary from wondering how long adjustment and transition takes for a 15-month old baby girl. I've spoken before of her strong will. That alone is an exhausting adjustment. Add the task of intentionally setting the tones of security, unconditional love and sense of enduring family, and you can see why I was tired. Please understand. I rejoice in this gift we call the Li'l Empress. I am so joyful to have my darling dumpling in my arms at last. But the week that this story began to unfold, I was tired.

Isn't that just like our Father?! He knew I was weary. He knew that for all the joy and excitement we were experiencing, the honeymoon period was over and the work of real life was settling in. And He lovingly orchestrated these events in such a way that I could receive them for what they were: treasures and peeks into my daughter's first year.

As an outstanding and extravagant "ribbon topper" to the amazing gift of insight to Li'l Empress's life, these generous and thoughtful contacts from China Care were able to forward to us a series of photos taken by their staff members as part of their documentations and records of the children to whom they minister. We have 60-70 pictures of our girl, throughout her entire first 13 months! What a gift. What a priceless, precious gift. For us now, and for her as she grows. To see her growth and changes and development. To see her little personality start to emerge as she grows in her awareness of the camera. To see tangible evidence that she was loved and nurtured, and I might add, apparently very well-fed if her chubby cheeks are any evidence at all!

The extravagance didn't end there. They also generously forwarded three (yes, THREE!) videos featuring Li'l Empress in all her cuteness, interacting with the camera and with her foster parents. We are over-flowing with gratitude. We are humbled by the knowledge that this is a rare treasure. We are more humbled by the fact that this is rare treasure that most adoptive families never get to experience. We went into this adoption knowing that we may never have more than a cursory medical report or two on our child. We knew we were okay with that and knew that God could and would cover what we were missing, both in our knowledge of her past and in the journey to becoming a family. He has. And He will continue to.

Now, thanks to this twisty turny tale of events that we couldn't have made up if we tried, we have more of our daughter's story - with its own tale of twists and turns that carried her to us. And we give thanks.


Salzwedel Family said...

Those pictures and videos are indeed a precious gift. I'm so happy Lil' Empress and your whole family was given such a treasure.

Kateri said...

Thank You! Thank you for sharing your story, little woman's story, and your heart. You always manage to put amazingly eloquent words to what I'm feeling or have felt. Your heart and your honesty encourage and inspire me, always!
It's refreshing when someone can be so honest as to admit that the honeymoon period DOES indeed end and real life DOES indeed begin. And it does make us tired! In no way ungrateful or less humbled by His gift, but tired all the same! Thanks for putting it out there, T! You're the best.
And as for the story, I know your momma heart, and it must be overflowing. Overflowing with gratitude, love and sadness...all at the same time. We've talked about this before so I'll stop now...but you are...all 7 of very blessed. He loves you, woman!! And He just told me to tell you that "You done good and He's proud of you!"

Aus said...

I'm sure that those pictures and vids will be treasured forever! As for the rest of your twisty tale - that realization - that knowledge of what our kids have already been through - is a part of that bond that only Inter. adoptive families understand - part of (not all but part) what makes all of us family.

Oh yeah - and God will always provide for us in our hour of need - always.

The thing is you said it so well - thanks for the courage to bring witness to our Faith.

Blessings on all ya'll - and hugs too!

aus and family

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Wow, that is amazing! I'm so glad that you were able to obtain these items!

Jonni said...

I am so happy for you my friend. What a truly wonderful gift to receive. it is so nice to have those early times of Lil Empress' life and thank you for being "real" about how things aren't always overly joyful 24/7 with a new addition. I love that you always seem to say just what I need to hear. So happy to hear this great news.


julie said...

What a fabulous gift for your family and your lil empress. I wonder why your adoption agency didn't let you know about this organization? Do you think they weren't aware of the documentation they keep?

Leslie said...

AMAZING. Hang in there. You know, I had to rock S to sleep STANDING UP beside her bed until recently. She has finally allowed me to rock her in a chair … before it was just not working and with her heart, I could not push her too much as she fought me. So I know. And though S is a wee 24 lbs. she is NOT short and I am. So her long, lean body was about to do my back in. Hey, maybe I'll win that bed?!

Thanks for your prayers. They mean MUCH.