Friday, December 5, 2008

One More Thing . . .

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that 5 Minutes for Moms is giving away a bed. Seriously, they are giving away a bed. A whole, shiny, pretty new mattress.

Don't go there now. Don't enter.

I want to win the bed. My back wants to win the bed. My hips want to win the bed. My kids want me to win the bed. So I quit griping about my aching back and hips.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yeah, I already entered and I want it a lot!

Trish said...

Love the smaller text - like maybe we won't notice the free bed part!

I entered but am not sure what I will do if I win because we cannot get a regular queen box spring up our stairs. We had to buy a split one when we moved here. :(

Jonni said...

Hi hun! Sorry it has been so long since I made it by, just have not been able to catch up on my blog reading in a while. That bed sounds fab and I hope you win it. I have my fingers crossed for you my friend. Hope you are well.