Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where We Are Now

First of all, thank you all who left encouraging words and Scriptures both here and via private emails. Your prayers and support have been priceless to us - I've shared them off and on through the week with The Boss & the kids and we feel so uplifted and covered.

Here's where we are now: apparently, there was some mistakes made in the SN offices at the CCAA that resulted in the failure of this referral being definitively matched to our family. When pressed by our beloved director at Living Hope to make things right (we thank God for him!), they agreed to hand-pick a child for us based on our Special Needs application that Miss Ashley has on file. That app has been sent to the SN office of the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs). We were initially hoping that this meant the process might be expedited to help us through this painful transition.

However, it seems that the next steps may be a few weeks coming. From our conversations with LH, we gather that the child will be picked for us from the upcoming Waiting Child list. That list won't be finalized for another week or two. I got the impression that the SN office will be picking a referral for us before the list gets published to the participating agencies. Our initial concern with that was "what if there are no younger baby girls with our checklist of needs on the new list." But The Boss was assured that the recent lists have been far more inclusive of younger ages and more minor needs that the first couple lists were. (The first few lists were mainly older children and some heart-breaking-ly severe needs.) It would seem that we have a good shot at seeing a referral come from this process soon.

Please pray for us, still. We need wisdom and discernment - we don't want to jump at the first referral offered just because we're afraid that it will be "all we get." We want to be very sure this time that it is indeed our Aidan.

I took down Xiao Yun's photos finally Tuesday and it was bittersweet. I am happy for her, that she apparently will be placed with her forever family (as far as we know) soon. But those eyes still capture my heart and I find myself praying for her and her new life quite often. The Boss and the gang have said the same.

Sorry this is so long. But thank you again. We so appreciate the love and support. I'll continue to post updates as we get them. Until then, we proceed with our summer plans. Which today, include long, lazy hours by the pool after I write the church bulletin.


Kateri said...

So long??? Are you kidding me? I'm just so happy to hear more news, and good news at that. After having met Samuel in person duirng our visit to China, I agree that he deserves our praise and is doing God's work here on Earth. God bless that man and all the folks at LH, especially "Miss Ashley."
Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I'm still praying AND thinking positively. I hope you're ok with that:)
We are within a few weeks, potentially, of seeing Aiden's face. That's gotta make you smile! young as possible and with a minor special need. Got it!
Love ya and enjoy the sun for me. I just got an order for three cakes for tomorrow. Must get busy!!

CurlyGirl said...

Praying for your wisdom ..and peace...

I'm sure there are many joining you in prayer. And according to God's Word, I am sure it will be given to you.

Jas 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

Your sweet heart really shines through in these entries.

God bless

ComfyDenim said...

Just sending ya some love. :-)

Carol said...

We went thru several files before finding Emily, but when her file came we knew it was her......

My son picked her birthday at Aug 17th, and we wanted a child over two.

Emily's birthday is Aug 16th, and she turned 2 years, sixteen days after we got her referral!!! When Ashley said her birthday was Aug 16th there were no more doubts in my mind, we didn't even have a doctor look at her file, she was ours!!!

Good luck to you my friend!!!!

Elissa said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through this, but apparently Xiao Yun needed someone praying for her. I know you've heard this over and over, but I promise you Aidan will be so perfect for The Gang that you will be AMAZED. She will be so worth the wait and the heartache, and will be a walking talking testament of Grace. And don't worry if she's older than you thought-- the Lord has that covered too. lWe can't wait to "meet" her! Hang in there..


TCC said...

So praying for you all - and trusting Him to be with you through the entire process.

Can't help but think there is a reason why you feel connected to pray for that precious little girl and believe that they are making a difference in her young life.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I saw your follow up post recently on RQ and just wanted to tell you that I am very sorry for what has happened with your referral. I can't even imagine the pain you have been through, yet through it all, you have continued to hold your head high and keep it all together. You are a wonderful role model for us all and I pray that your sweet baby girl's referral is here soon. Best of luck and I can't wait to share in your joy.