Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Excitement and Joy Running High

This morning, my LadyBug and I are joining a friend and her two daughters for a much-anticipated event. We are going to see Kit Kittredge in the theater! LadyBug won a free movie ticket some months ago, for being "Patient of the Month" at our family dentist. I completely forgot about that ticket until the release of this movie and when I dug through my wallet, I was immensely relieved to find it again. So calls were made, plans were laid, outfits were picked (hers and her doll's, not mine!). Anticipation soared to a new level.

We're not leaving until 11 a.m., but my little LadyBug was up before 7 a.m. unable to sleep with all the joy coursing through her veins. She could barely fall asleep last night, the excitement was making her so giddy. The Boss reported that she was dressing her Kit doll before bed,"because we're leaving at 11, Daddy and I want to make sure I have enough time to get myself ready, too!"

Kit's presence in our home is purely providential. And I don't mean that lightly. She is a gift straight from the hand of a very loving, intimate God to my daughter and to me.

You see, one day my Li'l Sis was shopping at a local consignment store. She called me and said, "Do you have any problems with the American Girl line of dolls?"

I replied, with a bit of a laugh,"Only the price tag!"

She went on to explain that they found a cute American Girl doll with a blond-ish little bob that looked very similar to LadyBug. Did I care if they bought it for her? For a mere $1.50, I might add. "NO, I would love for you to give that to her!"

So my sis purchased the doll (The obviously un-aware consignment shop had no clue that this was a real AG doll!). My niece used some of her own birthday money to outfit the doll before presenting her to LadyBug. They have been inseparable ever since.

Almost every time I see that doll now, I am again reminded that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts and loves to give us good things. This mommy would have loved to splurge and spend almost $100 on a doll that my daughter will love and cherish forever. LadyBug has longed for an American Girl doll since she was 5 or 6. But that summer day, the Lord used my sister and my niece to fulfill our girly hearts' desires in a spectacular way, that only He could have imagined.

Today we get to spend the day with friends, enjoying the movie and remembering how much He loves us both!


Salzwedel Family said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time! How amazing that our Father provides such wonderful gifts for us. Enjoy your time together.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

How sweet. I hope you have an enjoyable time.

Life In Progress said...

What a sweet post! Miss Ladybug is sure a cutie, and I hope she enjoyed the movie!

Pete Wilson said...

Great post. Looks like you guys had a blast!

The Literary Gourmet said...

Oh--how I LOVE a good love story! And this is the very best kind.