Friday, July 18, 2008

A Twist on The Favorites

First, let me say that your generous outpouring of prayer, encouragement and support to all of The Gang in these past weeks has been humbling and amazing. That strangers and friends alike have diligently sought the face of God on our behalf makes me weep with joy. This blogging community, (and where it intersects with my adoption community, with my church family, and with my friends, and other family connections) has been a pure joy to participate in and I feel blessed by you all. However I've come to know you, the volume of comments, private emails, phone calls (Classic Mama, you are amazing!!), and relationship during this season has been priceless. Thank you.

Over the past three days, several of you have asked me privately how you can continue praying for The Gang. The journey is far from over and, in many respects, we are embarking on a brand-new journey upon our return from China. So today's Favorites (there are more than 5 today!) are the things we are still praying for regarding the end of the legal and documentation part of our journey and the beginnings of the living and loving part of the path.
  • Financial provision - We knew when we started that we did not have all the finances in place to make this whole thing happen in our own resources. But God told us this was the path He was marking for us. So we've walked by faith, literally every month, and He's provided every step thus far. Please pray with us that the remainder of the money needed will be provided. This includes things like the balance of the actual adoption fees, traveling expenses, and resources to complete the things here at home that must be done to welcome Aidan to her new home.
  • Clarity of purpose - As you can imagine, the coming weeks are full of "to do's" and we are asking God to show us what HAS to be done so that we might be about those things first. Strength to put things we WANT to do in proper priority is a must, as my list of "want to do's" and The Boss's list are often different. We need God's mind on these things!
  • School plans - We request that you pray with us regarding our plans for the fall for our kids. We aren't totally settled about one particular question and we really need to hear from HIM and feel HIS peace over what He's laying before us.
  • Travel plans - The next steps are that we must obtain the LOA (Letter of Approval). This is followed by the TA (Travel Approval) and the CA (Consulate Appointment) from the CCAA. Many times, when a family has cleared the Review Room (which we have) those next steps come fairly quickly (we're talking in terms of weeks). We are also requesting that our file be expedited after what we've been through. Please pray that all those steps come in His time and that the plans fall into place according to what is best for our family. I don't relish the idea of leaving my kids for the whole trip, nor do I want to miss their first day of school or BBE's 7th (oh my!) birthday. But God knows my heart . . .
  • Transition and Attachment - Please pray with us that even NOW Aidan's little heart be made ready to be loved and cherished by her new family. Pray that the Lord put an anticipation in her heart for being His and only His, forever. Pray that she attach to BOTH Todd and I quickly and deeply, and that her transition to our crazy Gang be smooth and peaceful. It's a lot for a little baby to take in and I want God to go before us in this area more than any of the others listed here!
  • Healing - My sweet sister-in-law, Teagan's mommy, actually was the first to say this to me and since then, I've had quite a few ask about it. In the hustle of the week, it didn't occur to me to start pressing in for this and seeking God's glory on Aidan in this way. But if you are feeling pressed to pray for our sweet girl, please contact me by private email and we can talk about it. We haven't yet spoken here of her medical needs, really only because of the pace we've kept since Monday, but we will be soon. In the meantime, we ask that you pray.
  • Finally, for Aidan's life - Our family anthem over this adoption has been Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "You Are Being Loved." It's ministered very deeply to me personally in the weeks since we bought the cd for The Boss. And each time I hear it, I beg God for this to be the anthem over Aidan's whole life. Not just till we can get there and hold her and sing it over her, but for her whole life. I want THIS to be the mark that all the world sees when they look at her.
In the coming days, we will be sharing more about what we've learned about our baby girl. Some of the anecdotal notes that come with her files that help us start to connect with her and "know" her. It's amazing to me, I cannot believe how in love with this little girl I have fallen. And fallen hard. Almost every time I look at the clock, I wonder what she is doing across the world. I wonder if she knows how loved she is.


Carol said...

I think I wondered the same things. I prayed and prayed that someone was rocking her and loving on her and it turned out the a volunteer from another country was in love with our daughter and she was loving on our girl. I hope you find the same. She is a sweetie...this is I think the hardest part, even harder than the wait......seeing her photo and not being able to go yet!!!!

What is faith? said...

AS I skimmed through your concerns and prayer requests I stopped at "school". I wonder...have you considered homeschool? When God brought this idea to me 6 years ago I was scared to death...while it was not easy it has been a wonderful blessing- You can contact me or through the baojibabes name Denise Phillips