Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a whirlwind of activity here and today has been mostly targeted towards getting ourselves refreshed and re-grouped to enjoy a "normal" summer week. The weather has been ultimately very cooperative in keeping us inside and focused today: cloudy, humid and spotty thunder rumbles. I've tackled an over-due church project, caught up on my blog reader, tracked down directions to an event for next week, and created a "Master To Do" list. All of this is to help The Boss and I focus on what needs to be done before a trip to China can occur. I also ate a relatively healthy breakfast and a quick lunch. That's huge for me, as I often get too caught up in my "to do's" to stop and eat and then end up frantic and shakey by 2 p.m. And when I'm done here, I think I'm heading to my local Curves to get fully into the swing of a normal week!

Here's what the Gang did over the holiday weekend:
  • The Boss and I finished the curtain project in LadyBug's room ("before" and "afters" to come soon!) - including multiple trips to the Hallmark store for sheer ribbon and a fight in the laundry room over who knows laundry techniques better. I'm so ashamed!
  • We shared TWO family movie nights, with popcorn and real butter flowing freely. We saw Second Hand Lions and The Ultimate Gift. Huge 5-star hits here for all!
  • The Boss finished off some trim paint projects in our Master Bath and started the trim paint for the baby's room. I cannot wait to unveil the final look of this adorable room!
  • I finally found curtains I love for the baby's room at (They are called Megan pink and green drapes. I hope this link works for those of you who care!) I'll have to wait till they arrive to see if they are as perfect a "pink match" as they appeared on the screen.
  • I grocery shopped, wrote and copied church bulletin early (for me), and then realized at 10 p.m. on Saturday night that we hadn't folded or stuffed the bulletin yet. Thank goodness I didn't forget to copy it in all the activity. Late night runs to the church offices are no fun.
  • We entertained our great friends, the Johnsons, on their way home to Virginia Beach from vacationing with family in upstate NY. Time with them is always full, fun, loud and crazy - and over again WAAAAAAAY too quickly!
That's funny. Seeing it now in black and white, it doesn't look nearly as busy or tornado-like in its intensity. But man, going through it, it sure felt that way! Especially the curtain and trim painting parts of it all. Hmmm, maybe I shoulda made up some stuff. 'Cuz the fact that we spent most of Sunday napping on and off again all day kind of makes me feel like a wimp now. Hmmmmm. . .


Katrina said...

Sounds like a busy, but very nice, weekend. Oh, and...We LOVE Second-Hand Lions!

Carol said...

Loved 2nd hand Lions!!!