Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorites Friday is back!

It's been a while since my last Favorites Friday. It seems that Fridays just fly by around here and before I know it, I'm waking up on our lazy (ha, ha, I wish!) Saturday mornings to the smell of coffee and the realization that I missed another day of Favorites. I don't know how much you all get out of this feature on my blog, but I enjoy it. I think it makes me take note of what I appreciate around me. Kind of, "stop and smell the roses" moments that make me look for things for which I can be grateful. Even if they are funny or eccentric. Today's list will likely fall on the eccentric side for most of you. That's okay. It's my blog and I get to post my quirks and crushes and oddities at my choosing. You all know it just makes you love me a little bit more, that I can share my silliness with you!

Anyway. . . .

I don't know if any of you heard, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman had their baby on Monday. A precious little girl whom they named Sunday Rose. Many have commented that the name sounds like the trend of modern weird names floating around these days, but I actually find it quaint and old-fashioned. And I'm such a huge Keith Urban fan that you'd be hard pressed to convince me that it's not a great name for their baby girl, I admit sheepishly :)

So today's list is in honor of my favorite country artist.
These are my current Keith Urban Favorites, in no particular order!
  • Days Go By - great cruising tune, with the windows down reveling in the joy of the moment
  • Making Memories of Us - a sweet declaration of love and building a life together
  • Where the Blacktop Ends - a kickin' TGIF kind of song, makes me dance every time I hear it
  • It's a Love Thing - just a cute, happy song about lovin' a girl
  • You're My Better Half - my ringtone, reminds me that The Boss and I are blessed to have each other
It was hard to narrow this list down - really he has so many great, older tunes, too. I know, I know, some of his songs are not necessarily G-rated. When the kids are around I move on to the next one, if I catch it fast enough. But his voice. Oh, his voice! His songs were my first forays into my country music craze and I have to say, they just keep getting better and better the longer I'm listening.

Congratulations Keith and Nicole
on the birth of your baby girl!
May the Lord grow her strong
and healthy and with a passion to find Him.

And thanks for all the great music.
I can't wait to see what this little one
inspires you to write and record next!


Mervy said...

It seems we were both blogging at the same time! I checked your blog right before I typed mine and you didn't have any new posts and then I check one last time and lo and behold "favorite fridays."

I can't believe you listen to secular music! Oh my...

I'm just kidding. LOL.

Enjoy your crush on country music!

Trish (wheresthebox) said...

I love hearing about your "crushes"! Thanks for your support of my new bloggy endeavor, and I am glad you mentioned the adoption issue. I saw it on the list of topics and was embarrassed that I hadn't thought to suggest it, since I know your interest in that area.

Beverly said...

I love him too! Are we the same person?

Have a great weekend!
Beverly @Happy In The Moment!