Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Step In The Right Direction

We got a phone call from our adoption agency this morning. They received an on-line notification that our LOA (Letter of Approval) is in process right now! This means that we're officially being approved by the powers-that-be in the CCAA to proceed with plans to adopt our little Aidan Hope. We didn't have any reason to doubt that we'll be approved, as we know our dossier has already been reviewed and approved this past spring. And because they have been quite aware of our situation for some time now. But it sure is awesome to have the official notification come! (See my archives if I've lost you at this point!)

Because of the process by which we came to this point (the failed referral, the promise of a hand-picked baby, the requests to be expedited in light of it all, etc. - all documented in my archives), this is a huge praise report for a couple reasons. Bear with me if they are obvious to you. Some others of you may not know much about this process with China and I've tried to explain it as I go along in the process with my family.

First, we are rejoicing because it's one more step closer to making her our very own little Gang member forever. That translates here at the Gang house to weeks and days counted down till we hold her and welcome her HOME. Oh, what a sweet word.

Second, it means that they are honoring the requests to expedite the process and moving us along. From what I hear, you can make all kinds of requests of the CCAA and its process, you just never know what the answer to those requests might be until the answer shows up in your agency's Inbox or mail delivery. Or in some cases, never shows up at all.

So, rejoice with us. Say it out loud: "LOA Is On The Way!" Like a chant, get up and dance around your house and sing it with your kids. Join the fun.

Woooo hooooo! LOA IS ON THE WAY!

Next up, we pray for the actual LOA document to arrive soon, then for the Travel Approval (TA) to arrive shortly after that. Then the Consulate Appointments (CA) can be set. Then flight information is determined and we are on a plane to China. Please join us in praying for a speedy TA - we want this little girl home, as soon as we can get to her.

Resume your dance.


Marie said...


Oh I love that new bedroom! Can I come and room in it for a day? (kidding) It looks so inviting though.

Krazy Klingers said...

We Krazy Klingers are doing the dance here!

Melissa said...

We're dancing with you! Yippeeee!

Carol said...


Carol said...

That is quite a record for LOA!! We had ours in 14 days and were told that was amazing!! You are 6!!!! WOW!!

Classic MaMa said...

All of the Classics are dancing, Bubba including, though he doesn't know why yet.

Kateri said...

Ok, so that has to be some kind of record! Holy smokes...that is amazing. I can't believe it's coming already! Happy Dance is right!!!! I'd chant around my house too but Alayna is sleeping and you know I can not be the one to wake her up!!!!!
Wow...I'm thinking CA very soon after the Olympics are over. What do you think? Maybe we should start a little pool?
See, He is working for you. Speedy, yes. Olympic airfare prices, NO WAY!!! I was really thinking September but now I'm really believing in August.
Yes, He is AWESOME!!!! If He can work on CCAA, He can do anything :)
Love ya,

Kevin and Violet said...

Hi Tracy,

I ran across this while searching for something else, and I thought you might be interested.
I couldn't find anything else on that site, though.


Trish said...

That's sooooo exciting! If there's one thing I've learned from 3 years of IEP meetings, if it's not written down, it doesn't exist!

Salzwedel Family said...

Hooray, hooray for LOA! Praising God with you!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

So happy for you my friend! CONGRATS! What wonderful news. Wow, it is really coming fast now isn't it. TA usually comes pretty quick after LOA.

Ladybug's big girl room is beautiful! I love the color and the furnishings. You may have a future interior decorator on your hands. :)


Kateri said...

I gotta tell you...I was blog hoping last night and saw another family that is on day #74 waiting for their LOA. Can you imagine??!!

MississippiZen said...

Congrats to you and the Gang! Who knows ... maybe we have a chance to meet in China! How great would that be??!!!

Celebrating with you!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Even though I am still lost with this process, I am happy because you are happy!

mylittlenest said...'s all happening! I will be checking your blog daily for "It's HERE!"