Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sign a Cast for CURE!

I got this great email forwarded to me from my brother today. It's a campaign to spread awareness about CURE and to provide healing ministry to hurting children all around the world. We've been aware of CURE and the awesome work that they do for many years now and I'm more than happy to share the mission with you all. Head over to their site (link below) and read about all that they do for kids around the world.

And thanks, brother mine, for sharing the information! Your tender heart for the children of the world is such a blessing to me.

Help spread the word about CURE through our "Healing Changes Everything" video campaign!

Take a moment to watch their short CURE video (at the link above) and then to "sign" a virtual cast for a child. For each cast signed, a generous donor has agreed to donate $5 to provide a cast for a child.

After a cast has been signed, you also have the opportunity to enter email addresses and forward the video to your friends. For emailing to large groups, it would be easiest to simply email the link above. For those of you who are bloggers or use social networking sites, there is also the option to post this video on your sites and forward to friends that way.

The idea is that this is a fun and engaging way to quickly tell many people about CURE. Please take a few moments and join in on this campaign!

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Classic MaMa said...

Our Children's Ministry adopted this campaign this summer and all their offering is donated to CURE.