Friday, June 13, 2008

Favorites Friday

*if you are "jumping in" in the middle of this journey, please read Wednesday's post first, then the one from this morning. It will all make more sense then! And if you've not read about our journey to today, please check my archives by searching "adoption" in the upper left corner of this page. Our family's story can be read there, oldest posts first . . .

My Favorite Things
The Lord Has Done
In The Past 48 Hours
  • He has shown us His direction. Believe me when I say, over the past 2 days, His plan and His will for our family has been made abundantly clear. He has used our family, our children, and of course, His Word to point our feet on the path which He has laid before us.
  • He has given us His peace. Thank you to those who have particularly been praying this peace over us. Whenever our minds got to racing or our hearts to worrying and fretting, we felt His presence move in with gentleness, calm and "the peace that passes all understanding."
  • He has reminded us of our calling and our purpose. Through times in prayer and in the Word separately, The Boss and I keep coming back to each other and to the kids with a renewed sense of what our mission has been, since we started this journey in January 2006 (and really, in our spirits long before that!)
  • He has given us unity and confirmation. All 6 of us have consistently been of like mind and like spirit in these past two days, and as word is getting out we are discovering that those we trust and admire and respect keep confirming our steps.
  • He has given us great joy! We are BEYOND thrilled and excited to share with you that we have accepted the referral that was presented for our consideration on Wednesday morning. We have a new daughter! Aidan is coming home!
An official Letter of Intent (LOI) will be sent with our file to the CCAA today telling them that we are officially requesting the privilege of adopting this beautiful toddler. We thank our Special Needs Coordinator, Miss Ashley, for her tireless efforts on our behalf. This young woman deserves a post all her own, and believe me, I feel one brewing! Once that LOI (woooo hooo, I get to throw around those abbreviations now too!) is on its way, we will talk with Living Hope about travel estimates, final balances due, and further documentation that is still necessary. The whirlwind begins now!!!!!

Stay tuned for more information on our precious Aidan. I'm working through what documentation I have now, to be able to share with you a little about our girl. (Lord willing, I may even be able to post pictures.) For now, please know that we still crave your prayers, for financial provision, for quick paperwork exchanges and approvals, and for smooth travel plans - as soon as they can happen!!!!! I can't believe it, I'm going to China to get my girl! Suddenly, excitement about our summer has just taken on a whole new meaning!


Kateri said...

Oh my word, Tracy, I'm crying! This is amazing news! I can hardly believe that Aiden is coming home. I know that you must feel the same way. I remember feeling like Alayna's referral was all too surreal. It took some time for it to really sink in. Of course the race to get the necessary paperwork done so that she could come home kept my mind very busy initially. There just wasn't any time in the beginning to really wrap my brain around what just happened to us....we finally got our girl!
I am overjoyed and on top of the world for you. I'm thinking September for travel. What do you think? Things will be so much better after the Olympics. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to get our girls together. You're going to have to start coming down here more often. Half of your family can stay with Robin and Chris and the other half can stay with us:)
Now when is Aiden's birthday again? Oh I'm getting ahead of you. I'm sorry! I'll wait for you to post that stuff and A PICTURE!!!
Ok, Momma! Get on with your day...this very special day! You're a momma again!
God is good. He continues to amaze me!!
I need a tissue. Talk to you more later!
Love ya,

Promises Fulfilled said...

I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I am reading this - God is so good! Tears have filled my eyes! I am so excited for your family and for little Aiden too. She is so blessed to be coming into such a warm, caring and loving home.

I am looking forward to more updates, etc. I remember in one of your posts (a few months ago?) when you were talking about how you were prayig for Aiden and it is pretty cool that at that time, she was already in this world! We are so happy for you guys!

Livin' Life said...

I am so excited to hear the awesome news. Yeah God!!! BTW did you hear that Carrie (Thurston) & Jeff Bohne had a baby boy yesterday. She sent a picture, he is so cute.

Can't wait to hear the exciting updates and news. In my heart and prayers.

Salzwedel Family said...

This is such wonderful news! I am so thrilled for your family. Praying that everything will come together in the way only God can orchestrate things. Can't wait for the pictures!

Kateri said...

And I agree with you about Ashley. Isn't she wonderful?! Elena is equally fabulous when Ashley hands you off for the travel portion of your journey. I love them both!!

BevMama said...

I am so happy for you! Shedding tears of joy for you and your family and the new little girl. May she come home quickly to you!


Chapter Two Manmi said...

Congratulations! How exciting to read how God granted you peace and you have accepted your daughter! I only know the Haiti perspective, so please fill me on what this means for an expected travel date. Days? Weeks? It sounds so close! Praise God!
Me at Chapter 2

Becki said...

I am crying with joy in your decision to be instramental in a life. May the paper pathway be short and the love bring you closer every day.

Betsy Bell said...

Hi Tracy,
So excited for you all! Hope we can meet Aidan soon, maybe she and Mikayla can be friends. I think September is a good estimate, too. We had LOI in April and it'll be about two months from then to travel time so start getting ready! I agree with you and Kateri, Ashley and Elena are the best! They love homemade goodies dropped by any time. :) Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I couldn't help but remember the day we sent Emalie's LOI in. I just wanted to stand outside in the yard and yell at the top of my lungs, "Hang in there baby girl! Mommy's coming!!!!" and let her know that she was someones baby and dearly loved!! It is such a joy to get a glimpse of the long awaited and much prayed for Miss Aidan. Gotcha day is coming - you're in your last "trimester"!! :>) Soak in all the memories! ~ Vonda

Melissa said...

Oh my word!!!! How wonderful!! It's like finding out you're pregnant in a strange kind of way!

Now, please don't fret since I know your heart has been preparing for this precious one for some time that the Lord has her in the palm of His hand and His timing is perfect.