Sunday, June 15, 2008

Burned Out

No, this is not another post about the looooong wait till the open of business on Monday morning to hear about the adoption. This refers to the toasty warmth we are all experiencing after a day under the sun and intermittent clouds on 2 soccer fields.

Dr. D was asked several weeks ago to play on a special rec sports travel team. They were down several players for a special tournament, due to vacations and other league play. Now, Dr. D has never played in a seriously competitive league. His current league is a once a week, kind of a learning league and fits our family's lifestyle perfectly. Practice is for the first 45 minutes or so of the evening and the game takes up the remaining hour. It has become apparent to both The Boss and I that Dr. D has some serious skills, waiting to be developed and nurtured on the soccer field. And the game seems to suit him well - the etiquette and the "feel" of the game really energizes him. When he was asked to sub for some of the other, more competitive players on this team he was thrilled! And the idea of Fathers' Day away together enjoying a new experience was exciting for all of us too.

They played three tough teams, who've been playing together for a long season. These other teams were like well-oiled little machines, darting and passing and finishing each other's thoughts with each play they executed. Dr. D's team put up some very valiant fights, holding all three opponents to lower scores than any of us expected. And of the two scores that our team was able to shoot, Dr. D made one of the sweetest goals I've ever seen him make. I may be a bit biased here, but his technique, watchful eye, and accurate shot were things of beauty all melded into one glorious goal.

And I'm sure none of you will be surprised to know that I was a riotous fan. In fact, I'm a bit hoarse from cheering and yelling encouragements from the sideline. I may have even embarrassed my sons a bit. And I know I shocked a couple of the other parents with my enthusiasm. Not that I even care one little bit. Only two goals by our team for three hard-fought games and MY BABY MADE ONE OF THEM! Yes, I'm shouting at you now. Sorry (insert sheepish grin here!). Sorta.


Amy Streit said...

Hey Girl!

Go Dr. D!!! What an awesome thrill it is to watch your baby succeed and have a blast! Go Boy!

Happy Father's Day to the Boss!

I have spread the word to pray for your little girl. We are believing that God is intimately at work to release her paperwork, and her into your hands!

Love and hugs,

Kristin said...

Hey! Thanks for reading my article on 5 Minutes For Mom and leaving a commment. I was a little nervous about having my article on such a "BIG" website, but I had such positive feedback. Congratulation on your coming adoption.