Friday, June 13, 2008

Please Pray With Us NOW!

I just got an urgent phone call from our special needs coordinator, Ashley. In the process of entering the final data on our files to the new on-line special needs program there was a serious glitch in the system. For some reason, Aidan's file could not be accessed and the message was given that her file would not be available to Living Hope for another 15 days. This IS NOT how it's supposed to work, and we are being called to stand in prayer together against any attempt of the enemy to thwart this adoption!

The staff has gone to extraordinary lengths to assure that our information and Aidan's file have been sent to China by fax, by email to several high level connections, and to our Director of Living Hope (who is BY GOD'S PLAN in China right now).

Additionally, there is a former government worker who is now a Living Hope employee that has accessed some of her connections in order to assure that our information RELATED TO THIS CHILD has been sent to the appropriate people. Finally, the staff all banded together in prayer for our family and for our daughter before calling us.

Please stand in prayer with us that the appropriate measures are taken this next 24 hours to ensure that Aidan will continue upon the path to becoming our daughter. We firmly believe that the enemy wants to mess with our peace and we will NOT have it. Please pray with us. Please also pray for Ashley - this has shaken her up a good deal and I desire to see that the Lord release her from feelings of guilt or "what did I do?"

Thank you for your love and support thus far. We KNOW that He hasn't spoken this clearly this far along to leave us OR AIDAN now.

We'll post updates as we receive them!

*Updated 9:45 p.m. - In case I wasn't clear enough in the above posting, this "glitch" is one that could potentially shut down the process to adopt this little girl. After speaking with some people, it became clear that I may have not expressed myself clearly enough. Additionally, until this is resolved, I won't be posting any pictures of her. Please continue to pray - it is 9:45 a.m. in China right now, and we are trusting the Lord to move on the hearts and minds of the officials involved, on behalf of Aidan and our family to continue the process of declaring our intentions to adopt her, regardless of technology glitches!


Carol said...

Wow!!! I miss a few days on the computer and you get the CALL!!!

Congratulations!!!!!! I'm PRAYING!!!

Anonymous said...

Me again.... Not exactly sure what made me "stop by" again but now I know. We will definately pray a cover and protection over Aidan and her files. Sounds like God must have big plans for this little chicko.... we'll do battle to bring her home if that's what it takes!!! :>) ~ Vonda

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Salzwedel Family said...

I updated my blog list & saw you had a new post. Praying girl! Satan WILL be thwarted!

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Bobby & Regina said...

We are praying for this adoption to continue uninterrupted, and for this sweet little one to soon be in your arms!! Love, Regina