Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Distraction

The kids and I spent this morning at a local park with the MOMS Group from our church. I didn't even remember it, but I had invited LadyBug's best little friend from school, with her mom and sister to join the fun several weeks ago. With all we've had going on this week, it was a pleasant surprise for both of us to see them there. We also invited our neighbor to join us with her sweet little girls.

I arrived late, as I was on the phone for an hour and a half before the event trying to re-boot, re-start, power cycle and cast out demons from my dsl router. Thankfully the tech had a great sense of humor and four grown children of his own so he was sympathetic to my whispered commands and my "Can you hold on just a minute's?" that kept interrupting his directions to re-set this and unplug that and turn this thing-a-ma-bob inside out and do a rain dance on its case.

After play time we trekked home to Shaggy (he remained behind to do his weekly jobs - how weird is THAT?!). We ate a huge carb-loading lunch for the task ahead: purging and sorting the kids' rooms for our upcoming yard sale. Baby BlueEyes and I had tackled his room weeks ago, and LadyBug started hers yesterday morning. Today, we really made a huge amount of progress! There's a reputable pile of boxes and bags in the garage, neatly stacked on a tarp. Two of the three bedrooms are tidy and organized.

As I'm typing this, Dr. D is chipping away at his huge pile of "things-he-must-have" that have been stuffed into every possible nook and cranny of his room. The stuff that he can never-ever-ever-dispose-of! You know, like the class roster from first grade. Full of names he will never utter again. And the card with a tuft of fox hair taped on it that we found at Grandpa's house back in 1998. The "important" stuff.

I also took the time to post our yard sale details on craigslist (which by the way, I love love love!). If any of you have another idea of how and where to post yard sale information for free I'd love to hear it. And if you're in the area, we'll be busy selling our wares on the front lawn in two weeks. Rain or shine! All proceeds will be stuffed in our Adoption Jar.

All in all, a satisfying and productive day. And a welcome distraction from the pain and sadness we are still processing.


Elissa said...

I'm glad you had a nice distraction!

I'm still on baited breath waiting for word on little Miss Aidan... The Enemy likes to mess with bringing these sweet children into Christian homes but our God WILL prevail! Continue to stand on His promises, sister, and we will continue to stand with you in prayer.

Salzwedel Family said...

Thinking of & praying for you lots today.

Holly said...

sounds like you got a lot accomplished. good for you! keeps your mind off worrying about dear little Aiden, wherever she may be (and we both know she's out there!).

and i sympathize with Dr. D, cause i have lots of things that i just have to have, but my hubby doesn't see the value of them! ;)

(check your email)

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Just checking in to say I'm praying for you!