Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parties, Painting and Piggies

Well, the fun just never stops around here! Do any of you remember the old Randy Stonehill song, "Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off?" I think that just might be my new personal anthem!

Saturday, we were blessed to host a big family party to celebrate The Boss's big 4-OH and Dr. D's "graduation" from all things elementary. We, of course, being the party crowd that we are, added little Xiao Yun in absentia, to the party purpose. (Yes, I party with purpose!) There was swimming, laughing, crying, tons of food, and great family time. We had asked all the attendees to write a little something that would encourage or call out the godly characters in Dr. D that they've observed, and be prepared to share them with the family. It was a beautiful time of just showering him with affirmation, encouragement and challenges to gird him up for his adolescent years. My brother joked that it was like a Christian Bar Mitzvah, which tickled me cuz that's where we got the idea. We first did it several years ago for Shaggy and I love all the meaningful words that were spoken over my son. It did this Momma's heart good to hear how the others view him as he grows in the Lord.

The Boss didn't know I'd do this, but I also asked everyone (on the spot!) to do something similar for him to honor this milestone birthday. I started off by observing that we've now been together longer than we were apart before meeting in college. I said more, but it was sappy and you guys know I love The Boss. You don't need to read my gushing here :) There were some wonderful, honoring things said over my hubby's life and it was a delight to hear how our families see him and know his heart.

Sunday was a more toned-down celebration of the 'actual day' of The Boss's arrival to our world. The kids silly-stringed him (and each other!) and got him a couple gag gifts, thanks to the creative ingenuity of my sister-in-law Lessons and Life. I think the kids had more fun with the silly string and shock of it all than he did - it was over before he could really process what they'd all just done to him!

Monday was a crazy, insane, out of this world day. I was going to blog about the irritations of paint shopping at our local S*^#s Hardware store, and the frustration of being in and out and in and out all day. I was going to go on and on about the lovely shade of spa-like aqua green that LadyBug chose for her big-girl room redo (to make room for guests when the guest room gets converted to Aidan's room). I was going to share the fun in picking a sweet, little girl-y green for Aidan's room and the joy of getting both rooms painted and trimmed out in one week. I was gonna share all that in glorious colorful detail.

But that all pales in comparison to the finale to the day!

Around 3:45 or 4, when I thought I was finally home to stay and could jump into the PILES of laundry that are taking over my family room, I heard this THUNK and a blood-curdling scream from the basement. The Boss and Dr. D started yelling for me and Baby BlueEyes was scrambling up the stares screaming his little head off. I yelled back for The Boss to tell me what had happened since BBE was screaming and crying too hard to talk. Turns out, Dr. D was changing the weights on his new bench and the 15 lb. disk slipped out of his hands and hit the concrete floor. It bounced and landed on BBE's left big piggie. It immediately turned purple and gray and blue and nasty. (Is that a color?! It is now!) We iced it down and called the doc. They saw him almost immediately and sent us for x-rays. (Don't even tell me how sick I am that I thought to get a pic of this - I know. This blogging is a disease and pictures of all the craziness are just a sad, sad symptom!)

The outpatient radiology department took us right away and poor BBE had to move his foot and have his toes taped out of the way and THEY KEPT TOUCHING HIS TOE. DON'T THEY KNOW THE POOR BOY IS IN PAIN?! Then, they made ME hold his leg down and keep tension on the tape to get a clear pic. ME! I could hardly stand it, making him cry cuz they TOLD ME TO! Anyway, I'm not bitter, anymore.

They sent us home and called later to say that it is indeed broken. A non-displaced fracture and the orthopedist will see us at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Which means I'd better get this posted, get my hair done and get my face on. A full night of regularly interrupted sleep from a crying and moaning BBE will require extra face. And a really big mug of coffee.

See what I mean? The fun just never stops . . .


Natalie said...

I LOVE that you got a picture of the foot---you're a blogger after my own heart. Admittedly, a sick heart.

Congrats on Aidan! She is beautiful.

Mervy said...

That poor boy! They're probably going to cast him and he won't be able to swim all summer. Let's pray against that demon of plaster of paris!

Angi said...

Whew, sounds like a busy, action filled day! Sorry about the toes - glad they didn't need casting though!