Monday, February 28, 2011

Trying to Gather The Locals

Hey gals! I've heard from many of my adoptive-mom friends in my local area that they would love to see more of a sense of community forming between themselves and other adoptive moms. I'm more than excited at the opportunity to connect with you, hang out together, and share the journey of parenting our treasures in a meaningful and supportive way. So I'm hosting an Adoptive Moms Night Out!

We'll make this first get-together really all about getting to know each other and talking about what interest you have, if any, in making this an on-going thing for those of us who live local enough to do that. Please just bring your favorite delectable dessert to share with us and I'll provide the drinks and salty snacks for us all.

So, my local yokels, please contact me via the email address in my profile for complete details about our Adoptive Moms' Night Out event, or to RSVP with the number of you who are coming.

I realize that communicating this way is casting a pretty big net and many of you are too far away to be truly local for this evening out, but feel free to spread the word to others you may know or that I may have missed. And if you'd like to be kept apprised of our development along the way, let me know!

1 comment:

Aus said...

Huummmmm - if I put Marie in the car now....she might make it! ;)

great idea - even if 1) I'm not a mom (although many of my 'clients' have called me a mother something...) and 2) we're not local!

hugs - aus and co.