Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ummmmm. Yeah. About That.

The other afternoon, Li'l Empress was playing on the stairs.

AFTER I had asked her twice to come down off the stairs
and "please don't play upstairs alone right now."

So, I called to her from the adjoining
living room and waited for an answer.

I called a second time, a little louder in case
she was further up into the hallway and didn't hear me.

In the middle of the third call, she yelled back to me, "What Mommy?"

"Li'l Empress, please come back down the stairs. I asked you earlier not to go up right now."

Silence for a split second.

"But Mommy . . ." (to be read in that universal tone of "that's sooooo NOT FAIR!") ". . . But Mommy, Maggie is playing upstairs!"

Ummmmm. Yeah. Maggie is the cat.

"Li'l Empress?  Maggie doesn't have to obey Mommy. Git your hiney back down the stairs now."

1 comment:

Aus said...

Are you sure that our two youngen's aren't related? He got taggged with "the litte emperor" by our guide while we were traveling - and he's lived up to that - such a sense of entitlement....and clearly he knows he's in charge here!

Still - great stuff - go feel better!

hugs - aus and co.