Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

LadyBug is really a chip off the old Momma block.  For weeks now, she's been begging me to help her move her room around, to change things up a little. No real reason, except that a girl likes some renovating once in a while. And it's even more fun when it's free and not driven by necessity. Like another project that The Boss took on this weekend. {Cough Cough} Ahem. But that's another post entirely. . . 

Disassembling the room turned into some purging and organizing.
I LOVE it when that happens! I mean, I don't love that this child
seems to need that kind of help more often than other of my children.
But I do love filling up a garbage bag and moving it OUTTA HERE!

 We bought this used dresser when we first moved here
from neighbors who were retiring and down-sizing.
Over the course of its life, it's been teal, red, and mint green.
The mirror was free, from the master bath of our previous home.
It used to be gold. There's nothing like the power of pure white
paint to revitalize and re-purpose old furniture!

Moving the room around also prompted a heavy duty cleaning
of all the corners and radiators. The first Spring cleaning of the season.
The Boss found the nightstand on one of his morning runs.
It was 80's off-white with gold trim.
We really love white paint around here!

I found that mirror in a neighbor's trash pile this evening.
Once The Boss is finished the "big project" that keeps getting
bigger each time he heads in to work on it, he'll take it out
to the side yard and spray paint the frame and feet.
White, of course.

Here's a close up of my trash-treasure:

The carpets and walls are all dusted and clean and every surface is gleaming. Purses are sorted, toys are purged, and junk drawers are emptied. LadyBug is thrilled beyond words (literally, she couldn't speak when I brought the mirror in) with her "new" room re-do and I am thrilled to have taken out a garbage bag full of junk. I LOVE changing a room around. She really IS her momma's girl!

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Amy said...

Aah, this post brings back memories of the joy of rearranging my room when I was a girl! :)

Jen said...

Oh I LOVE to re-organize...move things around...SO exciting!!! Seems like you have a pretty happy girl there!!!

Joan said...

that is an awesome mirror, can't believe it was on the curb.

Aus said...

Great work GM - but if the Boss is anything like me - he runs when that starts! (That's a project that I hate - but we all have our 'issues'!)

hugs - aus and co.

Wife of the Pres. said...

I love moving things around for the same reasons! I've been hauling out garbage bags from our schoolroom, the playroom, boys' room (when they are not looking) ... ;)

As for the mirror, it is wonderful and I'm just glad to know I'm not the only person who takes stuff from their neighbor's "trash" pile! ;)

Heather Thompson said...

I love the room and agree that white makes everything new again:) I'm a little jealous (ok more than a little) about that adorable mirror find! That works perfectly!