Friday, February 11, 2011

That Crazy Girl O' Mine!

Every so often, when things are getting too quiet around here,
I go looking for Li'l Empress.
And every so often, this is what I find when I go looking.

That cupboard normally looks like this:

But when Li'l E is bored, or when she needs to show a
certain member of this family JUST WHO IS REALLY THE BOSS,
she does this:

And stuck behind that open door, fortified with all the biggest pillows, toys,
and blankets that she can find to keep it barricaded "just so" 
is that previously mentioned family member:

I'm not sure just who needs therapy
more at this point: my poor diva kitty, Maggie
or that crazy girl o' mine?

1 comment:

groovy mama said...

HA-The Poor kitty! that is totally something that may/has happened here too! Just hope it didn't pee there too! any 'baby' news?