Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

We spent Saturday at my sister's house, just around the corner (I know, how cool is it that I live so close to not just one but two of my sibs?!). It was a grand celebration of my handsome nephew's 11th birthday. There were balloons, streamers, and food.

OH, THE FOOD!  My family knows how to do it right when feeding the ones we love. Two different kinds of home-made soup. Deli meats, chips, veggies, and dessert. Dessert in itself was a sight to behold. My mom made her Ricotta Cookies, frosted in pink and green and white. She also made sugar cut-out cookies in heart-shapes and frosted pink and white. There were big, thick, chewy Rice Krispy treats, chocolate-frosted cupcakes with mounds of sprinkles. Lots and lots of sprinkles. And lots and lots of sticky pink-colored kisses along the way.

But you'll have to take my word for it. I forgot my camera. The fuzzy, cottony, ick inside my head must have kept me from remembering to grab it on the way out the door. Drat!

However, I did catch this delightful shot when we got home and let the kids decompress in front of a favorite show.  How cute is our little Sleeping Beauty?

All that play time with her cousins wore her out. Especially since she was up so late the night before for our church's Valentine Dessert Night. And up early that morning. Skipping a nap for this one is usually a recipe for some serious grumpies the next day, so even though it was pretty late in the day to catch some Z's, we let her enjoy the slumber for a little while. Especially after we counted how many of Grandma's cookies she'd consumed. The crashing off a sugar high is even worse with an already sleepy girl!

And while she slept, LadyBug and I surfed the net for a couple good pics of Bono. Why, you ask? Well, LadyBug was invited to a Celebrity Dress Up birthday bash and she really got into her brother's suggestion to find a celeb that her other friends wouldn't automatically imitate. I was thrilled when she picked Bono. And even more thrilled that she seemed to know more about his "faith in action" activism than his music.  Here's the picture she chose to copy:

And here is the look we came up with to copy it.

Not his most current look but I think she pulled it off pretty well. And I was totally thrilled that she was all about his relief work and not just his music career. There were lots of other pop stars represented, but she was the only Irishman with a mission :)

We also started the planning and purchasing process of re-doing the upstairs bathroom this weekend. Took advantage of a big huge "Bath Event" sale going on at the local home improvement store. But none of you care about seeing pics of a boxed toilet. No matter how many stars it gets for flushing power, right?

I really need to be better at bringing my camera where ever I go. This week's boring Sunday Snapshot is proof positive!

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More Kids 4 Me said...

Not boring!!!! Sleeping Beauty put a smile on my face and Bono made me laugh out loud. :)

Digital Paradise said...

Love sleeping beauty and the Bono idea is awesome. :)

Aus said...

Couple great posts there GM!! Love the pics - just a perfect Bono!! And as for the 'boxed kitty' - hey - the cat may well be a psyco or something!! ;)

Just love the glimpses into your family - thanks for that!

hugs - aus and co.

clearness said...

Very cute Bono imitation!