Monday, April 5, 2010

Pancake Protest

It was a big weekend for The Gang. We had a delightful day on Saturday with most of my family in town sharing a meal together. The Boss filled and hid the kids' Easter baskets and Li'l Empress really got into it this year. She was delighted with her stash. Worship at church was so refreshing, and Li'l Empress even spent some time in her 2 & 3 year old class while I sat in the perimeter of the room. She participated in everything the other kids did, keeping a watchful eye to see that Momma was still lurking nearby. That was great progress for us!

The rest of our Sunday was quiet, with The Boss puttering around working on little projects toward finishing the kitchen. The kids played in the sunshine. I napped on the couch between chapters in my book and picking through my Easter candy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the peaceful, low-key day together.


Until I hopped on F@cebook while the kids were watching Extr&me H*me M@keover and spied an internet rumor that Baby BlueEye's beloved Donovan McNabb was being traded to the Washington Redskins.  It all went downhill really fast from there.

It took a minute for Baby BlueEyes to process the news, which I broke as gently as I could once Dr. D and I verified the rumors. Once it sunk in, he cried off and on for the rest of the night. Judging from his puffy red eyes this morning, I think the poor little fan cried himself to sleep.

And this morning, he's still glum. Still morose.  Still feeling "done wrong" by the Eagles franchise.

He has gone activist on me. In support of his beloved #5 and in protest of the (in HIS opinion) lousy business decisions of the Eagles leadership, this is what I found on his plate this morning at breakfast.

I must add, that his views are not representative
of the whole Gang.
The rest of us are taking a "wait and see"
approach to this move.


BuzzKnitter said...

awww... poor little guy. i can sympathize with his feeling of being "done wrong" by a franchise, as i have felt that way over some of the trades by the Yankees over the years.

hope his little heart cheers up and that someone even better comes along! :)

Aus said...

Well - on the other hand - ya'll must be doing a bang up job of family life if the trade of #5 makes a headline! ;) And besides - yesterday was OPENING DAY - we don't have to worry about that until next fall!! But I DO feel his pain!

hugs - aus and co.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, great. And now I feel guilty for all of the celebrating I've been doing about this. Tell Baby Blue Eyes how sorry I am. And that I shall endeavor to become as big a fan, for his sake.