Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I've been terribly inconsistent this month with my blogging.  I beg your mercy. . . dear readers. Thanks to the couple of you who have checked in on me. I'm fine, really. I've discovered that not only is the kitchen the heart of our home, apparently it is also a metaphor for our life.

Seems when the kitchen is in chaos, the whole order and routine of the home goes down the drain! I've spent a large portion of this week re-arranging cupboards, purging pantries, laying shelf paper, organizing and re-organizing drawers, and re-arranging it all again. Learning new traffic patterns in the more open workspace has been harder than I thought. Most days, I pad around the place in slippers and have had a couple near misses without some good traction under me. In fact, the first day that everything started to go back into place, I actually turned my ankle.  Ridiculous, I know.

I'm happy to say that great progress has been made. Dishes have found homes. Spices have been shelved and labelled. I'm anxious to reveal the final project but with the long hours that The Boss has to work in this busy season at the hospital (I know, figures we'd take on a project of this proportion when there's also a big project or two in process at work!)  This weekend should glean us some great progress. We might even squeak in an attic-attack too.

But please, please, I beg some extended mercy. At the beginning of this coming week, I will be pretty out of the loop here in my little blogging community. I'm going to be out of town taking care of some important family business. I would appreciate your prayers for speedy recovery and improved health for my loved one. And clarity and wisdom for me as I minister and assist.

And soon, very soon, I will share pictures of my beautiful new kitchen. Well, new using old stuff.  Renovations like this make me love my Boss all the more. And when you see what he's done with the place, I think you'll all agree, he's BOSS!


a Tonggu Momma said...

No apologies, no excuses. *grin* We love peeking into your life as much or as little as you can manage. Cant wait to see photos of the new kitchen.

Aus said...

Morning GM - don't ya hate it when life gets in the way of blogging? ;)

I'm sure the Boss has done a great job - he hasn't missed one yet to my experience with you guys!

And we'll keep ya'll in our prayers this week - and will factor in a prayer for patience too - I'm confident you'll have what you need!

hugs - aus and co.