Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh. Yes. He. Did.

In the middle of our daily welcome-home-from-school-hug yesterday,
Baby BlueEyes said the following to me:

"Mmmmmm, you smell so good. You always smell so good."

"I love hugging you, Mommy. Whenever I hug you, it feels so fresh."

"Like biting into an apple, fresh."

Oh. Yes. He. Did.

Sigh. I love that kid.


Chris said...

How incredibly sweet!!

I love the words & phrases little ones use to express themselves!!

Absolutely priceless!!

Pamela said...

Hold onto these moments girl, they fall short as they get older. I'm so glad I have a little one at home who doesn't talk just yet. I don't want my older sons to pollute his pallet just yet!

Joan said...

ooh!!1 so cute :)

Salzwedel Family said...

What a precious son you have. I bet that made your day (or maybe your month)!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how this made me grin.

Aus said...

Morning GM - made me grin....but the guy in me wondered 1) what did he do - or - 2) what does he want? ;)

Naw - but I had to go for the laugh!

Kinda like working with your boys on a project all day, and then sitting down when done and hearing - "not bad old man"....

hugs - aus and co.