Monday, April 12, 2010

Before My Coffee

I wouldn't believe it except that I just lived it.

The friendly local woodpecker began work early this morning. Like, 3:45 a.m. early.  Apparently, diligence and a strong work ethic are very important to Mr. Woodpecker.

Li'l Empress was arguing with someone in her sleep. At 5:27 a.m. Apparently, whining and hitting the mattress with a sleepy, yet vehement, "No," wore her out. She fell back to sleep.

Baby BlueEyes woke up very grouchy and crabby this a.m.  He was positive he had "something" in his eye (it's really just his allergies irritating his eye). Apparently, crying and stomping off washed "something" out.

Baby BlueEyes also had three miniscule splinters buried in the palm of his hand that COULD. NOT. WAIT. to be removed!  Apparently, our door frames are very rustic and rough on his tender little palms.

LadyBug is feeling her fashion-oats this morning. Today's ensemble is a conglomeration of colors not likely ever partnered for day wear before. Topping it off with some kind of loopy, floppy ponytail thingy was just the right finishing touch. Apparently, she is also immune to the odd looks and snorts that passed between her brothers as she presented herself for a good-bye kiss and prayer.

AT THE VERY SAME MOMENT that I was performing what seemed to be dramatic, life-saving, torturous surgery on her big brother while he was writhing in pain at the kitchen island, Li'l Empress slammed her pinky finger in the hinge of the hall closet doors.  Apparently, I reminded her of the potential for pain just a smidge too late.

All of this occurred BEFORE 8 a.m. Before my coffee even finished brewing.

I'm exhausted. Is it Friday yet?!


Mariann said...

For the woodpecker...I recommend an airsoft or pellet gun...the boys would LOVE to help with that task, I'm sure!

For the rest, I recommend a coffeemaker with a timer that will automatically brew the perfect cup of morning adrenaline just in time for your morning "wake-up" calls!

BuzzKnitter said...

oy! ok, you beat me! mine were just grumpy (and still are), but with them all being sick, the grumpies was more than enough for me this morning!!

Trish said...

Oh my goodness, what a morning! Although it's kid of funny to think of the Empress arguing in her sleep. :)

Mine had an hour long meltdown at school today. Ugh!

Aus said...

Hey - it was a Monday OK? 1) ya'll need a timer on your coffee pot - mine comes on at 05 early so it's ready when I get up (actually - my alarm goes off at 05early too!) 2) The woodpecker - ya'll know why they do that - right? Hopefully he will soon meet a Mrs. Woodpecker and the problem will be solved! Alternatives include a .22 cal rifle - if you can see him (and no - I'm not worried about missing a target that size...if you are then that's not a plan for you - ya'll have to know your line?) 3) Hope you got a nap - you deserved one!

hugs - aus and co.

roomforatleastonemore said...

As for Aus's suggestion, yeah ours goes off at 5 a.m. too when The Prez is up and way too chipper for my comfort. Trouble is … it automatically shuts off at 7 a.m. THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT.

Poor Baby Blue Eyes and Li'l Empress. :( And Momma too!

OK, I know you don't believe me but I've never forgotten the phone call. If it makes you feel any better, I mostly email my local friends too b/c I just don't like to talk on the phone. When I do, someone always has an … ahem … altercation with his brother and/or a certain little someone needs something that JUST CANNOT WAIT. And did I mention she can be VERY LOUD???

I have calling on the TOP of my to-do list for tomorrow. I'll try to wait until after 8 a.m. as I would NOT want to call before you've had your morning coffee. When I call, I share more details. ;)


roomforatleastonemore said...

I wish I could edit my comments LOL! I DO like to talk on the phone, just not with the above-mentioned background noise. I would be worried that our agency was concerned about my ability to parent except by now (after nearly 3 years of non-stop adoption business) our coordinator knows the boys scuffle when I'm on the phone and that LM is LOUD when she wants something … and that I sometimes say not so nicely: "BE QUIET. I'M ON THE PHONE!" So I can't promise you want hear that when I call … but I know you'll understand. :)

Shirlee McCoy said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one who had days like that! ;0)