Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!

My beautiful lilacs are bursting forth.
The blooms are petite and lush.
The fragrance is intoxicating.
The memories they evoke are tender and precious.

Playing under the lilac bushes in Grandma's backyard.
Making tea sets out of large leaves and biscuits out of blooms.
Breaking twigs and sticks into forks and spoons for our feast.
The memories pile up and create a little cabin that feels like "home."
No matter where I am.


Cathy said...

Oh how sweet. I hope mine start blooming soon. I think I still have a couple of weeks before they will.

ComfyDenim said...


And thanks for being a Tigger to my Pooh...
Which only happens when I'm blue. LOL

Normally, I'm more of a tigger. Except when there's too much gray.

HA! Word verification "Downson". What it sounds like after the bazillionth time I've told a boy to get off the arm of the couch.

Aus said...

Hey - we're catching up on spring with you guys! We have a lilac bush underneath the bedroom window and last night getting ready for bed with the window open you could pick up that says 'home'!

hugs - aus and co.

BuzzKnitter said...

oh, i'm jealous! we are just getting tulips up here! my daffys are almost done, and my first 4 tulips opened this morning... we probably won't see lilacs for another 2 weeks or so!