Thursday, April 1, 2010

It IS A Big Deal

Last week, we got the privilege of watching Shaggy be inducted to the National Honor Society. Because he attends a cyber-charter school, the dinner and ceremony were held in the "great hall" of a local university. It was a wonderful evening to get away and spend some time focused just on him, talking about his future plans, laughing together, and then seeing him honored.

In the days leading up to the event, I was figuring out logistics for getting the three of us to the dinner, finding someone to take care of the littlest three, and arranging rides for Dr. D to and from track practice. Shaggy kept insisting that it was really not that big a deal. That, if it was too much effort and craziness to get all the things in place, he'd be fine with us skipping the event. Yeah. Like THAT would ever happen.  We spent a lot of time trying to convince him that the NHS IS a very big deal. That it's a wonderful organization, that it's a nation-wide recognition of his years of hard work and dedication to academic excellence. He wasn't getting us. He also hates recognition for things that he thinks he "should just be doing anyway." He doesn't like spotlight, and he's really not crazy about effusive praise or congratulatory accolades.  I'm hoping it's because he's humble and not because he doesn't feel as if he deserves it. . . I'm still figuring that one out.

Anyway, the leadership of the school asked the parents to send a recent picture and write a short letter of congratulations to their student, following a bit of a format they provided.  As the 12 letters were being read that night, I was struck by three major themes in almost every one. These letters noted strong family connection, faith communities, and high expectations. I mean, in the words used were things like, "promises fulfilled" and "dreams achieved" and "goals met." I was struck by how many of those letters called out destinies and promises in their children. By how many of these kids stretched to reach for the high bars set by their parents and are now setting their own higher bars of excellence. The letters were lovely words of pride for things already accomplished and gentle expectations of things still to come. By the end of the evening, I think Shaggy had a really good idea that this really IS a big deal.

I was so proud to watch him interacting with the teachers and students he met that night. These are people with whom he interacts via cyber classes regularly, but he seems to have no problems connecting with them in person. And when it came time for pictures, he didn't balk at all.  (Remember, he hates spotlight.) In fact, while we were standing there, I got a very sweet little squeeze. In front of other people!  And that, my friends IS A VERY BIG DEAL to this Momma!

Congratulations, Shaggy. We are very proud of you.
And very excited to see you continue to grow in excellence
in your academics, your leadership,
and in the plans God has for your future!

And why, oh why, did no one in the house tell me
that this sweater makes me look pregnant
when its closed down the front?!


ComfyDenim said...

It IS a big deal!!! Congrats to Shaggy!

What a very fantastic tribute to his achievements...

and You are one lovely Momma!!!

BuzzKnitter said...

congratulations, Shaggy! a very wonderful accomplishment and, i believe, a great sign of things to come! keep up the great work!

Territory Mom said...

Oh, I'm so happy for Shaggy. Congrats!!! AND you do not look pregnant.

Aus said...

Hey guys - oh yeah this is a big deal - it's a 'tick' on the eventual resume', and it really does count in terms of college admission / eventual job! I'm please to report that our oldest 3 are also NHS inductees - and the oldest 2 have excelled (#3 is still in college but says on the deans list and is in an honors frat - he'll do fine!).

But Shaggy - I understand how you feel - guy to guy I get it. So - please accept our congrats with something that my dad would have said to me...."That'll do son, that'll do."

hugs all -

aus and co.

a Tonggu Momma said...

That IS a big deal... congrats!