Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh, What A Night!

Last night, my favorite show celebrated their 100th episode.  It was a delightful episode, quirky, funny and witty.

But the most amazing thing about the whole episode was a 3 or 4 second blip on the screen. An FBI agent slamming a stack of papers onto a copier and walking away with his copies.  My Dave. My two Daves.


I was so happy.  Two Daves, two generations. Two celebrity crushes in one episode. It was a good night for this momma.

Oh, what a night.


ComfyDenim said...

You make me happy. :-)

Oh- hey. the word verification is demin. Which is what happens when I type my name too fast.

Territory Mom said...

Very cool!!!

Aus said...

So you're a Bones fan - why am I not surprised? I got hooked on the books long before the tv series - and loved the development of the character in the 'before the books' time of her all works really well! (Not to mention that the books really are pretty scientifically accurate - as books go! The tv show is 'ok' not great - but ok!) We won't get the show until next week....bummer

hugs - aus and co.