Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a wonderful mini-reunion together this weekend. Suzy Q and the Norwegians piled in around 9:30 Friday night, after they spent some time at Li'l Bro's house oooohing and aaaahing over the new baby. (OOOH, she's sooo tiny and cute!) While we waited for them to arrive, The Boss played old family videos from when Shaggy and Dr. Doolittle were babies. I spent most of the night fighting the tears, remembering the days of new babies, new parenting, and tiny little arms wrapped around my neck to give me sticky apple juice kisses. For me, it was the perfect way to start the weekend together. I felt a brand new appreciation for the gifts I've been given in each of my family members. And as the weekend progressed, I was increasingly aware of how precious each one is to me. Thank you, Boss, for cleaning out the basement and for finding these lost treasures that remind me of where I came from and what's really important in my life!

Saturday morning began with lots of drizzle and cool breezes as The Boss and Suzy Q headed off to run a 5K sponsored by the kids' school. The rest of the Gang and The Norwegians all followed a little while later and we met Li'l Sis and her oldest to do the 1 mile Fun Run together. The boy cousins turned it into a competition, which my dad assures me is totally normal and healthy for boys to do. I'm thinking, "you only see each other a couple times a year, why not run together and talk and laugh and enjoy yourselves?" No, they basically killed themselves trying to best the other and make the guy behind them "eat their dust." After some good natured ribbing and lots of sweaty hugs and back slaps we all headed home for the main events of the day. By the way, The Boss placed in the top 1/3 of the race, despite the hilly course and not having run much in the past few weeks on a sore ankle. I was so proud of him. Suzy Q did really well, but I can't remember how she placed. As a fellow mommy of 4, the fact that she was still standing and talking and laughing after running a 5K was inspiration enough for me! As for me, I ran and walked the 1 mile course, pushing my VERY heavy youngest nephew in a stroller while he chattered through his pacifier and through the wind blowing in his face the whole way. I can't believe I did the whole course that way. I can't believe HE did the whole race that way!

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent hanging out and talking and eating (omigosh, the food was amazing! Oh yeah, THAT's why I did the whole course in the a.m!!!!) and laughing and eating some more. The only mar on the day was that my dad has developed shingles and he was in a good deal of pain during the day. The kids played so well together, not one fight or problem between them. And considering how many boys were running around my yard and my pool area, I'm incredibly thankful that NO ONE got injured! (The competition and egging on did not end at the finish line of the 1 mile race!) By far, the best part of the whole day was that fact that all 22 of us stopped our regular, busy, fast-paced lives to spend the time together. And let me tell you, with 4 of the 5 men in full-time ministry, getting us all together for a weekend is no easy feat.

The Boss took a lot of beautiful family photos, to add to the collection that has grown over the years. It reminded me of the early ones, of just Mom and Dad and us four kids. And now we are 22 strong and still going. The most poignant moment for me was realizing that we (The Boss and I) still get to add to this clan - that although she isn't here with us physically, Aidan is part of us and there IS a day coming when her sweet little face will be added to the family history book. I can't wait to see her dark little eyes and glossy black hair popping out from the photos! And make no mistake, she will pop out - in this crowd of red-heads and blondies, there are only a couple with dark hair and NONE with dark eyes like she'll have. I can' t help but think what a LOVELY perspective she will add to this already amazing crowd.

So, I begin my week with a grateful heart: I'm blessed that I get to go through life in real relationships with these amazing and interesting personalities. And I'm incredibly grateful that I get to spend eternity in the company of the ones He's given me. Have a great week, all!


Marie said...

That sounds like some great fun at your house!

Melissa said...

What is good to know that you realize how blessed and special your family is! I LONGGGGGGGGG to have family get-togethers like this, but they are few and far between with The Husband's family (all in Florida) and my family is way too dysfunctional to get together and it be enjoyable, (but, I'm praying!).

I also enjoy hearing your excitement for your soon-to-be little girl! You're right, she's already a special part of your family!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Sounds like a great family weekend!

Anonymous said...

As I said to my congregation on sun. my plate is full & overflowing w/praise to God for all he has done Dad