Friday, September 7, 2007

Favorites Friday

In the spirit of accepting my lot in life (ooooh, doesn't that sound so melodramatic and Emily Bronte-ish!!), I will share with you my favorite things about September. It's still way too new and a bit too sad to tell you what I like about the kids climbing aboard the big, bad yellow bus; but September does have at least 5 redeemable qualities, I'm sure!

My Favorite Things About September
  • I love the first day of fall. Fall is my favorite season, and in my opinion, Sept. 22 should be a national holiday where every one wears khaki, brown, gold, rust and red clothes all day long. Regardless of his or her "season" or coloring!
  • Baby Blue Eyes has a birthday in September. In fact, his birthday is the last day of summer, so it always turns into a 2-day celebration around here: big birthday bash and end of summer bash; then we wake up and do the Snoopy dance to celebrate fall's arrival.
  • September feels like a new year - the beginning of school creates the feeling of a fresh calendar, a new slate. The ultimate "Re-do," if you will.
  • I love the crisp, cool evenings toward the end of the month. Dragging out the soft, comfy throws and the fleecy slippers is cause for a mini-celebration here. Gimme a homemade chai latte, a good suspense novel, and the party is complete!
  • For all you fellow decorators: I love the rich, bold colors that begin to appear right about now in all the stores. The soft umber colored throw pillows, the apple and gourd wreaths that appear on every door. And the mums. Oooooh, I love the mums. Real or silk, I love the depth of color and the happy blooms. They really are the perfect pick-me-up for the back to school blues!
There you have it. Now, I'm surprisingly excited about September! I've got a leg-long list of To Do's for this month and next and although I still miss my kids in the daylight hours, I find myself looking forward to the crisp newness of fall. And while I'm out running my errands this morning, I think I'll stop and get myself some mums. Maybe some of those new "sunflower mums!" Have you seen those things? They are GORGEOUS, just amazing in their vibrancy and cheer. So, 7 days in to it:

Happy September Everyone!
Go get yourself a mum :)


Episode One said...

i read all three of your previous posts (seeing as school is dragging the energy out of me rather quickly these days) and i will tell you that i completely love fall. although you have a sour taste in your mouth from your kids leaving you for school, fall is so fun...pumpkins, changing leaves and chai lattes (yes, i've taken your recipe and i'm so addicted i've had one every night this week)...also, an excuse for comfort foods comes to mind when i think if crisp fall nights....ahh, i'm in my mecca right now with this fall thing coming along....along with your mum, i suggest a pumpkin...even a little one for decorative purposes brings the awesomeness of fall to the surface....miss you, lady t....i'll see you on the circuit soon :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I love fall colors too. It is nice that we get the feeling of a fresh start twice a year!! Maybe 3 times if you count Spring.

Melissa said...

You're just like the coolest mom ever! Your kids are sooooo blessed!

Your enthusiasm about "life" is contagious!