Monday, September 24, 2007

Sneaky Mom, Me!

I've never really been a big pro-sports fan. In fact, in years gone by, I actually was quite scornful of the ridiculous idolatry that this nation perpetuates regarding our sports figures. But recently, I've been re-thinking this stance slightly. Only very slightly, and only as it pertains in particular to one sports team.

I have become an Eagles fan. Not a cutesie, hat-wearing, jersey and jeans kind of fan. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Rather, I've become a "Look what Eagles Football is doing for my family!" kind of fan. Let me explain.

When we moved to the greater Philly suburbs, my oldest two boys weren't (yet) huge sports fans as far as watching any one sport religiously or following one particular team or player with gusto. But this area is fanatical about Eagles Football: our local elementary schools sponsor Eagles Spirit Days, it's mentioned regularly from the pulpit and flags fly all over the neighborhood. It's like its own religion; not in a bad way, but with great fervor and excitement. I observed this closely the first year we were here and just "kinda" got into it for the sake of cuddling on the couch with The Boss for a good Sunday nap while he watched the game. The kids would come in and out, depending on the weather. As the season wore on, the Eagles became a huge topic of conversation among the "guys" of the Gang. I hosted a Super Bowl parties, complete with football and helmet cookies. No big surprise there, some of you have been to my Super Bowl parties. Fun, but not the driving force of our fall and winter entertainment.

Cut to last season, our third fall in Eagles' territory. I began preparing special "game day" lunches, and re-arranging the couches for optimal viewing. And turning off the phone (not that anyone around here wastes time on the phone on game day!) and inviting friends to join the fun, and getting the boys to STAY HOME and invite their friends to pig out and scream and yell along with The Gang. And I noticed that all 6 of us began looking forward to Sunday afternoons and evenings in a whole new way. And The Boss and I started planning fun meals and cooking together while we all cheered and yelled. We all hung out. TOGETHER. All. Day. My mental wheels were turning then! I found a key to prolong family togetherness, have fun, build memories and create connections. I even fly a gorgeous green and silver flag during parts of the season, especially when they make it to the play offs. And I get to be the cool mom - AFTER the pool closes :)

So now, I'm a rabid, all-out, crazy, screamin' yellin' cheerin' Eagles fan! And I'm loving every minute of it. I know more about the game than my boys give me credit for and I don't ask stupid questions any more. I know players, positions, strengths and weaknesses. And I even find spiritual lessons in things that happen or things commentators say. And The Boss and I look across the crowded, noisy room and smile. Yes, we are Eagles fans. And yes, I've snuck one more meaningful, memory building time in on those kids of mine. Sneaky Mom? You betcha!

My question for you today is this: what do you do to build memorable family times in your home? Maybe you could come up with something new, maybe even "out of your box" for the sake of the greater purpose of making connections and memories together?!


TCC said...

I love it! Even though I am so not an Eagles fan, I can appreciate what you are saying and am looking forward to having the boys friends over as they get older.

I am ALL about spending time together as a family and enjoying it!

On Fire For Jesus said...

Hey there -

Sorry to be leaving this in your comments, but I was trying to send you an email (family update we send to all our friends) and I don't have your newest email address.

Email me back with it!

pups n horses said...

The “J” man and I make it a point to find interesting day trips. Money is usually a tight squeeze but we save up for our day of fun. Last year my sister treated us to a day in NYC right before Christmas, complete with a Broadway show – Beauty and The Beast, and a ticket to Madame Tussauds wax museum. Not only did we get to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and the windows at Macy’s but we got to stand in Time Square holding hands and just taking in all the wonderful sights, and sounds of NYC at Christmas time.
Over the years we have taken various day trips into Philadelphia (Duck Boats, Constitution Center, Zoo, Phantoms Game, Circus, Insect Museum), Hershey Chocolate Factory, Ellis Island, Crystal Cave, Strasburg Railroad (to see Thomas the Tank Engine) and a night time ferry ride around Manhattan. Some of our favorite conversations revolve around the memories of those trips. “hey mom remember when I screamed inside the wax museum”, “remember when you tricked me into getting on the roller coaster”, “mom, what was your favorite trip?”

The beauty of a memory is that sometimes it just happens when you least expect it.

Manic Mom said...

OK weird!!!! Did I not know you are in Philly?? Did you not know I lived IN BUCKS COUNTY for seven years, Langhorne, by Sesame Place????

We could have been gal pals!!!

Promises Fulfilled said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. We definitely enjoy spending time together. Obviously our little kiddo is a little young to get into watching sports. However, when we have watched it with him, we have noticed that he likes to mimic what the refs or coaches are doing with their hands/arms - it is really cute.

We enjoy playing with toys inside and out!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Since I am a transplant to this area, I am not a fan. But I do like football.

I AM glad it works for your family.