Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorites Friday

This weekend, I am heading out for a weekend away with 4 of my closest friends from my college years. (Actually, one of these gals and I have been friends since I met her in the 8th grade.) But anyway, many years ago, when the hustle and bustle of new careers, new husbands, and new kids began making monthly (or quarterly or yearly!) catch-ups very difficult we found ourselves feeling disconnected and drifting out of each others' lives. So, we hatched the plan to pick one weekend every year and "get away together." Even if it ends up being a fairly short notice trip, so far we've made these excursions together at least every 14 months or so. Re-connecting and "getting away from it all" have become a winning combination for all of us - even though we all lead very different lives now. We've been to the Jersey Shore at a quaint little B&B in the off-season, we've been to Messiah College's homecoming weekend, and we've tried gathering at each others' homes. This time, one of the gals arranged for a condo in the Poconos for a great weekend rate. No matter where we end up, the conversations are always like a great Thanksgiving feast: nostalgic and mouth-watering in the preparations; memory-evoking and satisfying to the point of feeling stuffed in the sharing, and over way too quickly! I look forward to this time with my girl friends almost as much as I enjoy the actual time away. Today's Favorites are in honor of my amazing friends!

My Favorite Things about our Roomie Reunions:
  1. No matter how long it's been between conversations, we can pick up and get current with each other pretty quickly, like no time has passed between visits.
  2. These friendships represent a sense of history to me: they know me, they have been there for me in so many different stages of my life, and they accept me as I am. "They love me, they really love me!" :)
  3. My friends challenge me to go deeper in my walk with Christ, in my relationships with my husband and kids, and in my church family. They don't preach this at me, rather they model it in their conversations, by the sharing of their life experiences and by their actions in their own lives.
  4. These women are all strong, healthy, focused gals: they know who they are and where they are going and pursue it well. They read great books, get involved in their local churches and are active participants in their own lives. And in the lives of others around them.
  5. We have fun together! We laugh, we share funny stories, we stay up late giggling and talking, and we open our hearts to each other. We eat out, tease and flirt with the (very!) young waiters (harmless, I promise!), and we shop. And the running thread through it all is the deep love and appreciation we all have for each other and for this "roomie reunion" that we do each year.
I love you guys! I couldn't have made it and become the woman I am today with out the input that each of you have contributed. You are each so unique and bring such a special "something" to my life, that no one else has ever matched. Thanks for loving me, and thanks for making this weekend away a priority in your life as well.

And a special thanks to the hubbies that let us escape each year -
you guys are GEMS and we all love you very much :)


Episode One said...

i hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. now that i'm graduated and my friends all live hours away from me, it's nice when we can plan weekends or day trips to grab dinner...i just did that last night, actually!! can't wait to hear how it went....see you next week, lady t.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

It's great that you get to see your old friends from time to time. It is amazing sometimes how with certain special people you can just jump right back in where you left off.

Angie said...

Oh, I am so jealous. That sounds like a great time. Hmmm...maybe it's time for me to go friend humnting.