Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From The Mouths of Babes

Funny conversations over heard in my home - in just the past two days. Minor details have been embellished for readability; pithy quips by Baby Blue Eyes are exact quotes. What you have to imagine is the old-man mannerisms and finger pointing that accompanied them!) Enjoy!

Scene 1: Our living room, where I'm busy prepping the bulletin or some other big project contributing to world peace and clear communications within my church family.
The Boss: Hun, where does this basket of remotes and video games belong?
Me: Over there on the cabinet, next to the tv if you can fit it. No, no, no, the other cabinet with the tv on it.
The Boss: Here? It doesn't really fit. Are you sure? It seems too crowded to me.
Me: Yes, just put it there, I'll figure out a better place later.
Baby Blue Eyes: Yeah, Daddy, you heawd da woman!
Scene 2: The dinner table, where conversation is raging over who should have poured drinks tonight, who should have put the salad bowls out, and why there are no steak knives present. Everyone is talking at once, and The Boss and I are getting red in the face(s).
Dr. Doolittle: Why do I have to pour drinks? I always pour drinks. And can I have lemonade ?
Me: Please, just pour the drinks - lemonade for everyone, please. LadyBug, sit down and be quiet, PLEASE! Dr. D, I said just pour drinks!
Shaggy (across the table, to Dr. D): You don't pour drinks every night. And you forgot the salad bowls, not me.
Me (starting to raise my voice): I don't . . . .
Big Interruption by Baby Blue Eyes: Yeah, she don't give a wip who pohed last night. Just poh dwinks, Dr. D!
Lovely, isn't it? Just think, someday all that wit and charm is going to be set loose in a junior high classroom or in a youth group! Aaaaaah, the funny things kids repeat. I mean, say!

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On Fire For Jesus said...

Baby Blue Eyes cracks me up with his additions to the conversations there. He certainly is in your corner, though!!