Friday, September 14, 2007

Favorites Friday

I'm so excited! In less than 12 hours, my whole family (all 22 of us!) will be gathered in one town for a mini-reunion of sorts. The Norwegians are traveling in tonight, my folks are staying with Li'l Bro and his wife and new baby around the corner. And tomorrow, there's a day of festivities slated for family fun and bonding. I'm a family gal. I'm always happiest when I can find some way to be with my family, whether it's just the 6 of us in the Gang or the rest of the crazy folks I call family. Today's favorites are dedicated to them.

My Favorite Family Memories
(recent and ancient):
  • Popcorn with real butter while watching shows like Little House on the Prairie, McGuyver, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, or The Waltons as a family.
  • Family trips to the lake. Yes, I know I griped and complained about being away from my friends and my radio when I was a teen. But I am mature enough now to fondly remember the roasted marshmallows, the sleeping in, the rides out on the lake and the together time. LOTS of together time.
  • Sunday church together. It didn't matter what we all had going on in our individual calendars, our family stopped and worshipped together EVERY Sunday morning. The "services" I liked the best were those family times at the lake. Without anyone else but the 6 of us.
  • All our family weddings - ours, the cousins, and family friends. Man, our family knows how to have fun together and each wedding I've attended with my family members has been full of laughing, dancing, more laughing and sharing of cherished memories.
  • Weekends like this: all the siblings, in-laws and outlaws gathered to celebrate each other and honor the new life that's come to us. I know this one will be full of fun and laughs and maybe even some tears. They'll probably be mine, as I stand there and watch the love flowing like visible currents from person to person. That gets me every time.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
I hope you are as blessed to be surrounded by family as I am.


Promises Fulfilled said...

Have a wonderful time! I always like to get together with family that likes to have fun with each other! I like to spend time with my little family of 3 - soon to be 4!, and also the extended family too!

Episode One said...

so, seeing as i've been filling my week with trips to the beach with my little niece and nephew, i just sat down and read through your last few days worth of blogs....i'm so excited that baby blue eyes is loving his homeschooling..i know how excited i was when school started for me and now he can 'hang' with the big kids when they discuss their days....i miss seeing you....could we start our 3 p.m. circuit time together this coming week? i am still working monday and friday nights so i'll be there already, but the other three days i'll need something to keep me on track...let me know and i'll see you real soon :)

The smart alek said...

What a sap! Are you sure we're related?

mylittlenest said...

LOL. I couldn't figure out who the "Norwegians" were. I thought, gee, aren't they all Irish-Italian? Hmmm...maybe it's some long lost relatives who got mixed up with the Irish people somehow. Anyway, I finally figured it out, and now I'm LOL. Have a GREAT time together! By the way, the new baby is a cutie pie.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

So literally, the Gang will all be there:) Have fun!