Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still Raining Here

Well, it's Tuesday morning and it's still raining. I woke up later than I'd planned, to the sound of banging and clanging in the kitchen (below my bedroom). I had all kinds of great intentions that these last three weeks before sc*^^$ (bad word here!) be a gradual return to routine and a gentle retraining for getting up early again. And I did wake up early, only to roll over and fall back to sleep till 8:08 a.m. To the sound of banging and clanging in the kitchen.

It seems Shaggy is coming down with a whopper of a cold and he couldn't sleep anymore. So he got up, ate his breakfast and started the dishes left over from last night. I swear this boy is an alien! Who gets up because they feel lousy and WORKS?! BEFORE a cup of coffee hits? That is just so weird, isn't it? He gets that perky morning energy from The Boss. It's really quite annoying to those of us in the house who aren't morning people. After the dishes, he folded a load of towels and swept and mopped the foyer. All before 9:30. That's just weird, isn't it?

But this morning he inspired me - I'm working on not reacting so violently in the a.m. to mild annoyances :) I made myself a huge Tigger mug full of coffee with yummy hazelnut creamer (sugar free!) and I dragged out my PILE of papers that I avoided all last week. (After all, taking care of them last week would have intruded upon our hours of fun in the sun!) I sorted it all. Every single last page of it. All that's left is to cut the coupons, which I can do after I get home from Curves. I even had time to type out a nice reply to our new Youth Director's questionnaire about our expectations of youth ministry - that's been sitting there for well over a week.

Now it's about 9:30 and I'm already tired. I really need to finish that cup of coffee. Hang on a minute, it's cold. Yesterday I had the bright idea of going back to 1/2 decaf - 1/2 regular, to cut the dependence of the caffeine rush that I've been slowly developing. So today's coffee is packing a less powerful punch. Okay, I'm back! I'm sitting here inhaling the nutty goodness of a re-warmed mug of coffee, looking at the rain and planning out my day. It feels all too much like a "regular" day, not much like summer vacation. But judging by the amount of work that's gotten done here these past two days (yesterday was a pretty productive day, too!), I'm guessing it was more than the dry, brown grass that needed the rain. My counter tops and my spirit needed this mini-housecleaning. I'm actually glad that it's still raining here . . . .
*Lest I make Shaggy out to be too much of a saint, I must confess that he is the "morning dish guy" for the summer months and that the other jobs listed are part of his weekly chores. He is a normal teen (aaack!) who does grouse at even being required to do jobs, but likes to get them out of the way early in the week (and apparently early in the day!) so he can lay around playing video games ad nauseum and listening to music at ear splitting decibels later in the week. Honest!


Episode One said...

well, i'm sitting here AT curves feeling the same rainy day blues as you are. it took all the energy and spirit i had in me to actually get out of bed this morning to fight the rain on the way in here. all i want to do is go home and crawl back into my warm sheets and doze off for the afternoon. but what good would that do? i'd still awake to the pile of paperwork i have waiting on my desk. so i'll sit here and wait till my shifts end tonight and go home to sleep in tomorrow...ugh, rainy day blues!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

If I drink full caf coffee, I go nuts. However, I'm not sure where you live, but this rain around me is keeping it quite chilly, which makes it a great day for hot drinks and a great day for getting things done inside!!!