Friday, August 3, 2007

Favorites Friday

I am 39. In fact, for three days, I have been 39. I am not overly happy about turning 39. And dear Shaggy hasn't helped, with his timely reminders on my important day that I am now only 364 days away from 40 (today, only 361). I can't (YET!) find things to love about being "almost _orty." Sheeeesh, I can hardly even say the "f" word (numeric, not nasty!) out loud.

My Favorite Things About Turning 39 (as if one can have favorite things about this event. . . . )
  1. I am more sure than ever before that I am done bearing children, if the decision is totally left to me
  2. I got to eat steak from the grill, salt potatoes, and chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream cake
  3. I didn't have to do dishes all day long
  4. I got an e-card from Keith Urban when I got home and checked my email (I know it's not really from him, but it had his cute little face on the greeting and a girl can dream a little, can't she?!)
  5. I spent the whole d-day just hanging out on the deck, rotating between chairs and the hot tub while reading and talking with my mom.
Okay, I'm taking my tired, 39-year-old self off to the couch. With a book and a bowl of popcorn. Thinking up SOMETHING to like about turning 39 was exhausting. And I really stretched it. Not doing the dishes wasn't really that big a deal - the boys do them most days anyway! I got nothing else. . .

I'll blog more on our fabulous relaxing lake adventure when I recover from the shock of seeing "39" in black and white so many times in one post. ugh.


Promises Fulfilled said...

Happy Birthday!

Classic MaMa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hey that hot tub sounds great.

CampHillGirl said...

Happy Birthday late, too! (I don't think 40 sounds so old, now that I'm almost there.)