Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Things First

I have a ton of great things that I want to blog about today. I promise, they are coming. But first, I need to share a great site with you. This blog belongs to a family in our adoption community, the Bishops. They are in China right now, celebrating their "Gotcha Day!" with their new daughter Emma. They have two blogs, actually, because blogspot is hard to connect with in China. To see the celebration pictures, check out their second blog, here.

I'm sharing this with all of you because they have moved me tremendously in the months that I've been following their story. Their faith and trust in the Lord's plan for them in this whole adoption has been inspiring. They've been through A LOT in their journey to Emma (check out their archives on the blogspot site) and they've had rough patches, but they've always trusted that THIS is the path the Lord has been leading them along for their family. And of course, to see evidence that this will really happen, has been so encouraging for our family!

So, I'll be back later with lots of great updates on The Gang, including but not limited to: our first day as the parents of a TEEN-AGER, a special blessing from the Lord and our adoption agency, new friends, and answered prayers. It was a full, full weekend for all of us!

*Please be patient with the blog site for the celebration pictures! They ARE worth viewing, but the youbelong.net link has been pretty slow lately. Seeing that beautiful smile on Emma's face will make it worth the wait :)


Carol said...

Yes, we are so happy to see Regina holding that baby!! It's been a long time coming!!

Kateri said...

ummmm...are you kidding me?? Don't leave us hanging like that. A special blessing from the Lord and your adoption agency????? What's going on? What's the blessing?? Come out with it, woman!!!

Bobby & Regina said...

Wow!! I just found your blog from Carol's, and you brought tears to my eyes with this post! One of the huge blessings we have received through this process is all the wonderful Christian friends we have made. We count you among them!! Please keep us posted, and email me any time at phsrgb1@yahoo.com Love, Regina