Friday, August 31, 2007

Favorites Friday

We were blessed today with FREE tickets to a great show in a few weeks down at a big stadium in Philly. I'm still not totally sure of the chain of possession that these tickets have followed, but I am sure that I'm grateful and excited to be going. And the fact that it's free is certainly a huge part of my gratitude. So thank you TRION, thank you CHOP, thank you Sue, and thank you Dawn & Laura! (You all know who you are!) And if I left anyone out of that chain, I sincerely apologize.

Are you dying to know who we're going to see? You 80's fanatics will love this one: We're going to the Genesis Reunion concert in Philadelphia. (And before I get all kinds of hate mail: I know, I know Genesis is so much more than the 80's. Me? Not so much, but I know they are!!!!) So, today's Favorites are dedicated to them (in no particular order).

Favorite Songs by Genesis and/or Phil Collins:
  • "Land Of Confusion" - for its poetic lyrics that still make me think when I'm singing along
  • "Invisible Touch" - just a great, catchy tune to blast while driving with the windows down on a sunny afternoon
  • "Sussudio" - fun, funky song that makes me want to dance and makes me laugh when I remember my sister's fascination with the song
  • "I Can't Dance" - so glad I'm not the only one!
  • "Don't Lose My Number" - great memories and still one that makes me crank it up and sing along
I must admit, I would never pay money to see this tour. Especially right now that we are stripping our budget to the bare bones and cutting most extras out for the adoption financing. But the fact that we get to go, we get to go for free and we get to be in a sky box has both The Boss and I all a-twitter. And you can believe, I'll be singing along! Besides, who can resist a short, shy bald man who writes amazing Disney soundtracks as a second career? :)


Natalie said...

No way, you lucky ducks! Jim and I saw them in Indianapolis at the Hoosier Dome in May '92. We scalped tix for $10 a piece.

Have a Great Time.


You just totally amaze me each time I read your blog. Have a great time at the concert. Wished the Wiggles was free and not $100 for a toddler to see.

Anonymous said...

You lucky bum!!! :>) If something comes up.... No, really, have a great time! ~ Vonda