Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Favorite New Cleaning Tip

I had the privilege of hosting Don't Stop This Car and her lovely family last Saturday here in our home. While I was giving her the grand tour of The Gang's abode, we got talking about new bathrooms, and our plans for updating & remodeling. When I showed her my shower, she asked me what that thing was hanging off our shower faucet. Well, I got so excited that I had to share my new find with her and we decided that I really should post about it to share the goodness of it with all of you!

Let me start by saying that I am not one to run out and buy the latest gadgets, nor am I one to believe much advertising or hype about new products. In fact, I am quite skeptical as a general rule and a traditionalist in my view of keeping a clean home: good old-fashioned elbow grease and a bottle of Fantastic or 409 are my products of choice when cleaning the bathrooms. It keeps my boys busy to do it the old-fashioned way! But when I heard about the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner, I knew that I needed to re-evaluate the way we were doing things. Mostly because Shaggy and Dr. Doolittle's ideas of cleaning down the shower and my ideas were vastly different. They are just boys and they are only 12 and 11, I know!

Well, let me tell you: I love my Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner! Once a day, after the shower has been used and wet down, we press the little button, seal up the shower curtain and listen to it whir around for 12 seconds of cleaning joy. When placed in a clean, well-scrubbed shower, it prevents soap scum buildup and keeps your shower stall (of any size and variety!) clean and smelling fresh. When placed in a stained, mildew-y (our former home-owners were slobs!) shower, it slowly chips away at the mess and the grime. Voila, after about 10-12 days of daily use, the gross shower is noticeably cleaner and the grout and tiles are significantly brighter. I promise!

And the extra bonus is that if you watch the coupons carefully and shop the sales, you can find coupons for $10 off to purchase the start-up kit. And I found that generally speaking, WalMart and Giant have the most competitive pricing for the kit and the refills. The refills do go quickly at first, because you must use it daily to start. But now that we are living with clean showers, I really only run them a few (3?) times a week. With our first shower, we scrubbed it down really well and then placed the mighty little tool in the stall. With our second, we just put it in, wet down the walls and started it up. The difference is amazing. Really!

So, that's my favorite new tip: Let the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner clean your shower for you. And maybe you can use the extra time you glean to indulge in a nice hot bubble bath - in your newly cleaned shower!


Krazy Klingers said...

Welcome back... we missed you! Thank you for this post, I was wondering if it really worked and didn't want to waste money if it didn't. Thank again!!!!

Classic MaMa said...

Not-So-Classic told me that he would like your personal guarantee that this gadget will work. He proposes: if it does not clean our shower, Tracy will come and clean it for us. :)