Monday, August 20, 2007

A Perfect Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend we had! Friday night started with a Philly themed birthday party for Shaggy. We had soft pretzels, real cheesesteaks, the Eagles exhibition game (Eagles kicked some Panther butt!) and late night swimming for Shaggy, Dr. Doolittle and three of their friends. Li'l Sis took LadyBug and Baby Blue Eyes home with her after an afternoon of swimming, so they didn't feel left out of the festivities.

Saturday, The Boss stained our deck a lovely, dark brown slate color. He was really pushing to get it done, as there was rain forecasted for Monday and he wanted it to dry for at least the recommended 24 hours. About the same time he finished, Li'l Sis and Pastor Brother-in-law dropped off their three munchkins for some fun with The Gang while they headed out on a double date with our brother and sister-in-law. We spent the evening walking around the neighborhood, hanging with the Favorite Neighbors, and managing 7 kids plus the neighbors' girls. It was like a playground at lunch time recess here!

Sunday we woke to RAIN?! The Boss frantically pulled all the towels and cushions off the patio and checked the deck through the windows all morning to see if the rain was "beading up" on the newly stained deck. I think that was supposed to be some kind of litmus test to whether or not the deck was dry yet. No beading up. But we were planning to do a second coat of stain closer to the end of the swimming season anyway, so I think we are okay. After church, we sent all four kids over to the neighbors' for a movie so Shaggy could keep an ear for their napping twins while Mr. Neighbor worked in the yard and Mrs. Neighbor shopped with me. Cuz you know, shopping on a rainy Sunday at the mall is a great antidote to "rainy day blues." Only now I have "Payless shoes blues" - so many pretty, pretty shoes and so little budget for shoes. No budget, really! I found animal print flats, and plaid sneakers, and alligator skin boots. And an amazing orange purse. They were all calling for a warm, loving home at The Gang's house, specifically in my cozy closet. But I resisted. I'm shocked, but I actually resisted.

Then we all gathered at Favorite Neighbors' home for a yummy dinner of home-made mac & cheese followed by waffle bowl sundaes. We even had cherries for the top. But for me, the real cherry on the top was a fabulous night of fun conversation and easy friendship, topping off a perfect weekend of family, friends, and great food. Nothing could be better than that!


Melissa said...

This post is so encouraging to know that no matter where the Lord plants you He is faithful to make you feel at home! Great neighbors, extended family, a newly stained deck, a Mom's group to encourage and exhort....WOW!

It seems funny to have felt bad for you when you moved because I was afraid you would feel lonely so far from "home"!(other than all of us missing your zany self and vice-versa!). :-)

Good job at Payless....I could agree many times over as we were school shopping something cute always caught my eye but somehow (God's grace?) I stayed on track and only bought things the kids needed!

Thrills said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I can't wait until my kids are older and it is easier to leave them. (I can wait. I don't want them to get older too fast. - You know what I am saying!)