Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Got Dat, Momma?

This is a snippet of conversation that Li'l Empress had at me this morning. Yes, you read that right. She talked at me, and I barely got a word in edge-wise.

Running feet down the hall, calling me before she even could see me.... "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"

"Ye...." I rarely get to finish my words when she's this adamant.

"I hab a kesschun to axe you!"


"Umm, Ummm, I hab a fabor I need you to do foh me."

"Reallee......" I replied, trailing off as she jumped to explain.

"Uh, yeah. When we go down stays, can you please gib me my pink med ah cin? From da doctor?"


"Cuz dat's a fabor I need you to do for me. Cuz da doctor said so," said with one hand on her hip while pointing at me in a very serious manner. "Okay?"

At this point, without giving me ample time to answer, she ran off back down the hall.  And turned right around, running back to me.

"You got dat Momma? You got that fabor I need you to do foh me? I need you to do me a fabor and gib me my pink med ah cin dat Daddy bringed home last nite," again with the hand on the hip and the other pointing at my nose.  She's gonna make a great Momma some day. Heh.  "Do you do dat fabor foh me?" she pressed.

Yeah. I think I've got it.

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Andrea said...

Adorable! We have someone who like dat pink med ah cin too!