Wednesday, March 21, 2012

God Made You Beautiful! ~ The Repost ~

**REPOST with corrected/repaired link. My apologies for the error.
I've been having problems with some links for a while now.

I have a sweet little gem of a book to share with you all today. Written by a fellow adoptive momma, it's a celebration of the unique beauty with which God has created each of us. Each page is a lively, fresh, and engaging picture of a pretty little girl with reddish blonde hair. (Yes, I'm partial. I love me a red-headed heroine!). This darling little girl is doing all the most favorite-est things that little girls do: playing princess,  dressing up, enjoying a spot of tea with teddy bear friends, swinging at the park with her friends, and thinking about her world. Each page is an encouragement to be proud of who she is, just the way she is. I love the pictures and the emphasis that each girl is made so differently and yet so similarly beautiful. But my favorite thing is that each page is summarized with a Scripture that speaks TRUTH over our girls. The TRUTH of their inherent beauty as they are made in the image and likeness of their Father above. The TRUTH that who they are is exactly how God created them to be and being His image bearer makes us special. This book is simple, sweet, and direct with its message: God Made YOU Beautiful. Just the way you are.

Stephanie Farley has recently become a personal friend, through connections made in an online adoptive moms group that has formed in our region. At the beginning of the month, I hosted a huge brunch for these moms here at The Gang's Headquarters and Stephanie graciously offered to share the ministry of this book with any of the moms who were working to bring home children via adoption.

I am VERY excited to tell you that for every purchase of this book with our family name designated in the on-line order form, Stephanie is donating $5 of that purchase to our "Adoption Jar."  How cool is that?

You can find the story, available for sale here, at Stephanie Farley's website. If you wish to order this book and you desire to support our efforts to raise the travel expenses for our current adoption, we would be so very grateful.

You will need to make sure that the order page (via Pay Pal) indicates that this is for The Whitney Gang's adoption, so that our efforts get the proper credit. Here's how:

You will see a note under the "Shipping Information" after you load all of your payment/contact information that looks like this: (only smaller!)

Personalize? How did you hear about it?  

Simply click the "Add" link (it's blue!) and enter "The Whitney Gang's adoption" or something similar to indicate to Stephanie that you intend for our adoption to benefit from your purchase.

You can also order the book by "snail mail" and pay by check. The address and information is on the website link above. Again, you will need to indicate "The Whitney Gang" in the memo portion of the check.

Whether or not you actually purchase the book with the intention of supporting our fundraising efforts, I highly recommend this book for the little girls in your life. We can't start pouring The TRUTH of the Word over them too early and this book is a sweet and engaging way to do just that. LadyBug and Li'l Empress are hooked and have read it together several times already. And in this culture of the lies that get thrown at our girls every day about what beautiful looks like, I am thrilled to have one more tool that points them to the source and the Creator of real beauty.

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