Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Make-Over {The Big Reveal}

Okay, Okay. I've tortured you all long enough. But really, I needed you to know the back-story of the gift God gave me to really appreciate the final outcome. One thing I've learned over and over and over in my life is that God loves to give good gifts to His children. And in this season of utter-frugality and pruning of extra expenditures toward our mission to Brynna, He deserves the glory and the credit for loving me in this very tangible way. He knows me, He knows my heart, and I am humbled at His care.

When The Boss gifted me with the gorgeous comforter, my wheels immediately started turning. I knew that our current lamp set was the right style but that the color was all wrong. If you look back on the original post of our re-do four years ago, you'll see that they were a soft olive-y sage green with matching shades that were a bit "frou-frou" for me. But they had been purchased many years before at a massive clearance sale and I was more than content to live with the "frou-frou" for the sake of the deal I'd scored. But they were NOT working with the new bedding.

We brainstormed. We had some hammered bronze spray paint in the basement from a previous project (read: FREE!) that had to be abandoned, so The Boss set up a painting station one Saturday in January and I headed to a couple local discount stores to find simpler lampshades. VOILA! We have new lamps that make the light in our room much softer and, ahem, more mood-appropriate. {grin}

And without further ado, here are the pics of our beautiful, "new to us" Mini Make-Over. Just remember while you are peering in, this is the handiwork of God. His fingerprints are all over it and I feel so spoiled by His attention to detail.

Yes! It's orange! Officially, the accent color I've pulled out of the bedding is called "Warm Spice" and I love it. I scored the throw pillows on a big sale at K@hl's back in early January, with a coupon and K@hl's cash to drop the price even further. (Might I add, the K@hl's cash was also an unexpected gift! How cool is that?) And that darling table was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle. I am super-protective of it and we took it out of the living room at Christmas because the cat had taken to sitting on only one side of it. It was starting to list to one side and I couldn't bear the thought of it being ruined. Bringing it into our room was just the perfect touch. The details of the legs echo the pattern of the comforter beautifully!

In this light, the colors look almost red.
But the close-up is to show you the beautiful pattern of the bedding.

I've had that candle holder for-EVAH and finally have the right place to use it. I'm still hunting for a better candle (proportion- and scent-wise) for it. And that silk orchid was another clearance find at my local R@ss. The flowerpot is almost identical to the new finish on the lamps. (Dude. Really. I know.)

And the piece d' resistance?! LOOK! The curtain rods that The Boss scored at W@lm@rt feature finials that repeat the pattern of the decorative trim that I spent months babysitting to earn money for, more than four years ago!!!! Seriously. NEITHER of us were even planning that. AT. ALL. I know. God is the coolest, isn't He?

Finally, here's one last shot of the big window. We're experiencing a couple little glitches accomplishing the final look we're trying to achieve. First, the sheers (also free, remember?) are a tad uneven and are peeking out from under the drapes in a couple spots. Second, between the texture of the drapes, the texture of the rod, and the width of the rod, the drapes are not staying open. I'm a huge fan of lots and lots of natural light, so I tend toward open drapery in pretty much every room of the house.

We think we've come up with a plan, and a back-up plan to boot, for letting light in through the sheers. But it might take us a while to implement it. As for the sheers? Well, if the first plan for the drapes works, we can just move the longer sheers around and the problem just kind of disappears. If that doesn't work, I'll have to save up some money to have the sheers hemmed from the top (so I don't lose the pretty scalloped bottom hem). I'm good with that. It's barely noticeable.

There you have it. The beautiful mini make-over of our master bedroom. The Boss worked extraordinarily hard on Saturday to hand the curtain rods (there were glitches galore and he overcame them all!) and to even lend a hand with the ironing. I'm so grateful for his handiwork. And the next time you wonder if God cares about your details and desires, remember how He pulled this room together to bless us like this!


Aus said...


An old cop trick for the sheers - you can make a quick fix at the top with a stapler - the staples come out easily when you are ready to make the final fix with thread (know you know how we "sew" on buttons mid shift or on the way into a courtroom eh?)

Nice job boss - hung enough of them to "get" some of the issues - a lintel in the window of a load bearing wall maybe? ;)

Oh - and {grin} really ='s {smirk}!! ;)

hugs - great work guys -

aus and co.

Chris said...

Love the new look!!!

So warm and cozy and very elegant! :)