Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last week I launched an on-line yard sale as a secondary means of raising funds for our journey to Brynna. OMIGOSH.

WOW. It's become a second part-time job. Complete with crazy hours, unreasonable demands, and plenty o' drama.

And while I have you here, can I just say? The drama over a used $5 thermal tote, a $1 book or an $8 ceramic pig? It. Is. Crazy. Wow.

Really, you never can tell what is gonna spark the crazy. Or just how crazy some of it will get. WOW. And that's all I'm gonna say about THAT.

In the week since I started the sale, I've made almost $200. I've met some really nice gals along the way. One, in particular, was so nice and so excited about our journey that she brought a trunk full of donations from her own home. She and her husband are also believers and attend a local church with lots of other adoptive families that have plugged in there. She has watched them all and seen what they experience in the process, so her heart was really tender toward our efforts. Turns out, she's moving and doesn't want to bring it with her and didn't really have time to list it all herself. So she gave it to us and agreed to pray with us for a big yield from it all. Wow. What a blessing!

In the meantime, we finalized our home study.  Can I get a WOOT WOOT?

Aint' it purty?

Oddly enough, one thing that was JUST NOT COMING TOGETHER nicely was the family shot for our dossier. It had to be all 7 of us, in front of our home, facing the camera. Seriously, it was the hardest thing in the last two weeks to make happen. Either it would rain when we were all home, or it was dark by the time we all got home. OR, we'd have 5 or 6 of us home but not all 7. WOW?! It was bordering on hilarious!!!! 

Miracle of miracles, Tuesday afternoon, between the teensy tinsy time slots of returning home from work (The Boss), coffee with a friend (Shaggy), track practice (LadyBug and Dr. D) and heading back out for prayer service (Shaggy), we actually had daylight. And 7 bodies. {Cue angels singing!}

Ain't we purty?

The finalized home study led to the finalization of the I800 form that The Boss has been working on behind the scenes, in anticipation of just such an event.

Ain't it purty?

And today, when the post office opened, Li'l Empress and I were there to send the forms and the money and all our private, most personal data winging on its way to the USCIS office in Dallas. Praying speedy delivery, safe transit, and quick processing over the whole envelope.

The bags under my eyes will not be traveling, sadly,
with the package. Not sure I could afford that postage.



Aus said...

Outstanding - well done - and I heard the Angels here!! ;)

hugs - wow -

aus and co.

Tera said...

Fround your blog from another AP's blog and just wanted to chime in that I love the name Brynna. :) Our Brynna is 5 and just as sweet as can be. Congrats and hoping for a quick process for you!

Joy said...

Isn't a great feeling. Doesn't this whole Hague process stink? 800a approvals are getting done pretty quick lately. Try to do a walkin after you get your fingerprint letter. Iamnot sure if LH told you, but you can send a FedEx label to get your approval overnighted to you.

Tera said...

Hello again! :) I saw where you had posted a comment on Ni Hao Y'alls blog. You mentioned in the comment that you had announced your daughter's name and since I too love baby names, I just couldn't resist! Who knew the name you had chosen was the same as my daughter's?! Crazy! You will LOVE this...the meaning we have found (and prefer) for the name Brynna is "raven-haired beauty." It will fit your new Asian princess perfectly!! Feel free to email anytime too if it's easier tera_leann AT hotmail.