Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Make-Over For Momma

Noooooo, not the make-up and hair and clothing kind of make-over... A room make-over! Some of you might remember the re-do of our master bedroom that The Boss did while we were waiting for Li'l Empress to come home.  It was so necessary at the time (Lord, how did I live with all those white, bare walls for more than four years before we finally tackled it?), but we stopped just short of finishing it. It's not customary of us to do that at all, in fact, I have a rather strong "rule" about finishing things around here before we move on to other projects. I'm a little fanatical about that rule, actually.

I know, I know.
You are so surprised that I'm fanatical
about my rules.  heh.

But we never finished the room. Mostly because I was stumped by the search for curtains. Could.NOT.find. what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong. It was done enough. And beautiful. I still find myself stopping to admire The Boss's handiwork and the soothing, warm feel of the room. But I spent the last four years looking off and on for curtains. I knew they were out there. I just had spurts of time in which I went crazy trying to find "the perfect curtains." Just spurts, cuz that level of crazy can't be sustained for very long around here.

To be fair, I had a whole list of qualifiers that had to be met in the search for "the perfect curtains."
  • They had to be very energy-efficient, preferably thermal, to protect us from the drafts that pour in through the original, 1970's windows. And from the AC that pours out the windows in the summer months. (Seriously, when this current adoption is completed and paid for, that might just be my first call.)
  • They had to be lined, to buffer against the blinding sunlight that streams in that side of the house.
  • They had to be rich, warm, and inviting in both texture and appearance.
  • They had to be affordable. I have four windows to cover, if you count the bathroom.
  • They had to be solid. I just cannot get behind patterned wall treatments in this house. I have no idea why. Meh.
In December, I was surfing eb@y and found a comforter set that I had fallen in love with four years ago. The Boss got all sweet and generous and told me to buy it for Christmas. He didn't need to tell me twice. But the search for curtains began in earnest again. This time around, knowing that we have adoption expenses lurking in the background, I was much more focused on the "affordable" and "energy efficient" part of the qualifying list.

And wouldn't you know? God blew me away with His love. Through the hands of a generous and loving family friend, He blessed me with a gift to purchase curtains. And we found some last week that fit every single of my weird little criterion. Between the little nest egg I'd been saving up (thanks, FPU and the envelope system!!!) and the extraordinary gift that God sent my way, I was able to purchase curtains for the bedroom. With .07 change! And knowing how He cares for me and these little details of my life, I'm gonna wait on the bathroom curtains and trust Him for when that project comes along on our To Do list.

Here's our room BEFORE the mini-make-over.
As we've been living with it for most of the last
four years. With a couple exceptions that I'll tell ya about
later... Yes, that means this post is a teaser.

 This is how our windows have been dressed
for four+ years now.
I like simplicity as much as the next gal.
But this very quickly became stark and cold feeling.
Not exactly how you want your master bedroom
to feel at the end of a long hard day.

Come back tomorrow
for The Big Reveal.

God is good. All the time.
All the time. God is good.
(Even for home improvement projects)

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Aus said...

That is completely unfair - I've been waiting since saturday!

hugs - aus and co.