Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm All Out of Love... But NOT Out of Coffee

The other day, The Boss was working from home in order to be here for the "whole family" home study meeting. When he is home all day, he tends to drink a lot of coffee.When he drinks a lot of coffee AND he has the gang around as a pretty captive audience, he tends to get a little wacky. As the kids are getting older, they have all had varying reactions to him busting out of his "regular dad mode."  We especially like LadyBug's reactions to his wacky.

This is The Boss on coffee.
He's belting out "All Out of Love" by Air Supply.
He'd been randomly singing along like this all morning
to the oldies radio station I was blasting 
while we cleaned for the home study.

This is LadyBug.
She's eating her lunch and wondering when on earth
his embarrassing behavior is going to stop.
Poor kid.
Hasn't figured out yet
is exactly what keeps feeding his behavior.

Well, that and the big ole' mugs of coffee he sucks down.

Heh heh.

Sometimes parenting this gang is just too darned much fun!


Aus said...


hugs - aus and co.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ah, the memories... I hope to embarrass my children even half as much as my father embarrassed me.