Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Not Just Quite Yet"

Monday was another home study day. This time, it was the social worker's appointment to meet individually with all 7 of us for quick interviews. While Li'l Empress and LadyBug met and chatted, this is what I over heard from the laundry room.

SW: Are you excited about adopting a little sister, Li'l Empress?

LE:  Ummmm, yes! I am gonna be da big sitter and she will be da littul sitter. And her name id gonna be BRYNNA ROSE!! But I am gonna call her mei-mei.

SW: And when Brynna comes home, are you going to be a big helper?

LE: Ummmm, yes!

SW: When Brynna is home are you going to share your toys with her?

LE: Ummmmm, YES! But, but, but, no. I don't want to share my camewa. Not just quite yet. Dat one I will keep up high and I won't play wit it wit Brynna. I mean, mei-mei.

Poor LadyBug. Poor Social Worker. I had to go in and rescue them from our chatty patty by physically removing her from the family room. Just so LadyBug could get a word in edge-wise. And promise to share her toys and be a helper, too.  That is, according to Li'l E's summary of the meeting. :)


Aus said...

Lil E is just cool - you know that tho!! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Julie said...