Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grandma Rose

Would you please take a moment
to pray for my Grandma Rose?

We learned on Tuesday that she
has been admitted to the hospital.
She is 93 and has been dealing with a form
of leukemia for many years now.

This is a picture of her and my grandfather
when they were a young married couple.

 This is her and my mom from my cousin's
wedding in the summer of 2009.

If you've been around this little corner of the blogosphere
for any length of time, you might remember
that our travel plans to Li'l Empress (way back in 2008)
included a stronger-than-normal sense of urgency.
That was because of my sweet little grandma.

We were trying to get there and back in time to bring
Li'l Empress with us to an early 90th b'day bash
that my mom and aunts were throwing for Grandma Rose.

Our desire was for Li'l E to meet her great-grandma
and join us for the family celebration.
After all, it's not everyday
that a little Sicilian grandma gets to meet
a Chinese great-grand-daughter.
We don't take for granted the treasure of four generations
celebrating life together 'round these parts.

And we don't take for granted the power of prayer
to ease and comfort the pain and illness of the ones we love.
We know HE loves her far more than we do
and HE is holding her in His hands even now.

Thank you.


Beverly said...

Prayers coming at ya from the South!!

Julie said...

Said a prayer for her:)

Aus said...

Prayers offered my friend - you know that!

hugs for everyone including that little sicilian she's a lot like my friend (and best man's) grandma - she was from the "old country" too!

aus and co.